Why you should see ‘The Tunnel’

Chicky —  05/23/2011 —  Comments

I recently downloaded (via torrent, legally!) an Australian horror movie, ‘The Tunnel’. As far as horror movies are concerned, it was as entertaining as I could hope it to be, and then some.

As you can probably guess by the title (horror movies are rarely one to beat around the bush), this movie is about a haunted tunnel. I know. That sounds like the stupidest, most gawdawful premise possible. A movie idea I’m sure I came up with when I was 13, and an idea that I probably thought was genius at that. But hear me out.

The Tunnel takes the form of a documentary within a documentary (which is meta, and therefore hip). This allows the otherwise seemingly shallow plot to gain some depth, and for the characters to feel like real human beings. When I mean real human beings, I mean just that. The characters feel like real people. They joke, they play pranks, they rip on each other. They are fun, believable people, and their acting is quite superb (especially for the horror movie genre). On top of that, the camera work is claustrophobic and haunting, perfect and effective for a movie of this nature.

However, because this is a documentary within a documentary, this also means that you know who is going to survive the emotional and physical battle-royale, and who will be ungraciously and savagely corpsified. But fuck it. Just because you know the ending doesn’t mean it won’t be fun.

A quick premise of the movie: An Australian news team is investigating a government plan to use old subway tunnels as a converted water treatment center (since Australia is low on the H2O). However, the government quickly decides to abandon this plan, all the while claiming that homeless people aren’t living down there. It is in essence a ‘NYC mole-people’ meets ‘the land down under’ horror movie. And it works.

A friend named Ted and I have had many a long argument about the existence of mole people living under NYC. Freshman year of college he read a book called The Mole People by Jennifer Tosh. For a while I dicked around and vehemently disagreed with him, not that I really had a valid opinion. I refused to believe that ‘mole people’ lived in tunnels. When I finally read the book, I realized that we had been arguing about two totally different things. To him, a mole person was a real human being who happened to live in the tunnels. To me, a mole person was someone who lived and bred in the tunnels, eventually evolving into a freak of nature. A monster who could barely see in natural daylight, but could hunt like a possessed hawk in the night. And who subsisted on rats, dogs, and humans. For better (or worse?) these types of mole people don’t exist. Atleast not in real life.

If only it was this moleman.

That is not to say that there isn’t one or two of these ungodly mole people in The Tunnel. But that is all I’m willing to say about the movie. You’ll have to watch it for yourself, for free, here. I highly recommend it if you are into these types of movies. Seriously. Don’t be a wuss.

Oh, this movie is as indie as they come. It is being offered for free, so please chip in a few bucks if you can. And please tell me if you find the one scene in the movie (near the very end) that seems totally out of place, and a bit inappropriately LOL funny.

We haven’t used this rating system in a really long time, but I’m giving this movie 4 out of 5 Lebowskis. It’s worth it, Dude.



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