Why wasn’t I called to make out with Bar Refaeli?

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As many of you know, Bar Refaeli was in a Go Daddy commercial. Most web people have lists of the best and worst hosting companies. Most lists put 1and1.com and Go Daddy at 99 and 100. (ed. note: We currently run our site with 1and1.com and would love for someone to come and save us). In this specific commercial, she made out with a chubby, Jewfro wearing, nerdy guy. I am disgusted. Partially for the fact that it wasn’t me. But mostly because Go Daddy sucks. How could you sell yourself to the lowest common denominator in web hosting? Is that why you made out with a guy that doesn’t look like Leonardo DeCaprio?

Okay. But lets talk about this guy. Who is he? Where did he come from? And why does he look familiar (other than the fact we all went to hebrew school with him). The lucky guy that got to make out with Bar Refaeli… most likely in multiple takes… He has pretty much been in every movie and tv show you’ve ever watched in the past 10 years. Don’t believe me?

This guy has been slowly taking over the entertainment industry and this is the first time you’ve ever heard of him? Well his name is Jesse Heiman and he has a youtube channel.

Congrats on your big break, man!

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  1. Wystan says:

    31 episodes of playing a named character on Chuck and credit only on the last one.

  2. Wystan says:

    Also, the Will Farrell Old Milwaukee ad had a much better kiss.