Who Wants a HJ? – Ranna

Hipster Jew —  02/14/2013 —  Comments


“Shirley is the furry little guy with me in the picture.”

Nickname: Ranna, Alannimal
Location: Carrboro, North Carolina
Occupation: Part-Time Apple Retail Specialist, Full-Time Student/Special
But your mother always dreamt you would become: She happy, I ain’t worried about it.
Level of Jewishness / Hipsterness: Tradition/I live in Carrboro.
I am an independent woman looking for a nug I dropped. 

If you could be a typeface, which one would you pick?
Braille cause I’m feeling it.

How do you take your coffee?
French vanilla soy creamer cause I’m lactose intolerant. Surprise Surprise.

Favorite vegan dish your mother makes:
Charoset by the pound. Except sometimes she uses honey.

Oh baby, tell me what you put on your bagel.
Toasted sesame seed Montreal bagel with hummus, avocado, eggs and a hot sauce.

Whats the first song on your make out mix?
Powa by tUnE-yArDs

When you make ‘bad decisions’, what is your drink of choice?
Wealthy mid-aged White men’s blood

What is the most obscure band you’ve ever seen?
Matt and Kim… Matt has a third nipple just like me. And I hear them on the rotating playlist at work. Not complaining.


  1. this bitch is a hardcore motherfucker. I know because we went to Jew camp together.

    1. The Duckman says:

      I talked to her on Gchat for a month. It was the best month of my life

  2. walker page says:

    she bought me milkduds