Video of Bar Refaeli playing tennis? Yes please.

Chicky —  04/16/2012 —  Comments

Hey there Israel. You keep whining that you can’t get no respect from everyone and everything. This is how you do it. Don’t be preachy about it though. Just be honest. And say ‘Yo, bros, have you seen this video? Yeah, Israel has some hotties and we allow them to dress in underwear and we don’t get angry. Technically. Sure, she doesn’t look ‘Jewish’. Not in a stereotypical way. And yeah, we’ve done some fucked up things toward Palestinians, and yeah, we’ve constantly made it our goal to ensure that they never get any legitimate power in the government. But have you seen Bar Refaeli? She’s hot. All men should respect and love Israel forever! Go team!



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  1. Jacob says:

    that is the greatest tennis video i have ever seen.