The show ‘Girls’ isn’t racist; you are.

Chicky —  05/14/2012 —  Comments

Lena Dunham took a lot of criticism recently because her HBO tv series, Girls, didn’t have enough diversity to fill the needs of every ‘totally not racist’ progressive minded person out there.

Instead of taking a broader look at the society Lena grew up in, or the racial makeup of Oberlin (the university where most of her story lines come from) critics bitched and moaned about the show being about young privileged white people. This is true. It is. But television these days are all about appealing to a niche audience. And it turns out a lot of white people are young and privileged. Yes, I could also go on and on about how every other network show either doesn’t have diversity, like Seinfeld and the Simpsons. But logic and racial injustice rarely goes hand in hand.

If I wanted diversity, I’d watch Fast and Furious. If I wanted diversity I wouldn’t subscribe to a cable television world which has partially segregated TV stations. And if I wanted diversity I’d blame the studio executives, the ones who sign off on the mediocre sitcoms involving white people doing white things year after year after fucking year. But I’m not going to blame Lena Dunham for a few reasons.

1) Dunham has come out stating that her lack of diversity wasn’t intentional; it was just an accurate portrayal of her life and social group. Sure, you could call her social group racist, or anti-diversity (if that is a phrase). Or you can remember that not everyone is trying to befriend people from every ethnic group (see: Community for counterpoint).

2) Dunham went to a small liberal arts college where the town the college was located in and the college itself was 75% white. I’m sure she had friends of other ethnicities, but were they her closest friends? No. Does that make her racist? Depends on what your definition of ‘friendship’ and ‘race-relations’ is.

3) As I’ve talked about before, it always ends up being a money issue. Who has $41,000 a year to pay for a college degree in the arts? Rich people. Who is usually rich? White people. Why is American society unjust and racist? Good question, you liberal hippie scumbag.

Crying that someone is racist is a lazy trope akin to saying that if you disagree with Israel policies you are an antisemite. If anything using race and race relations as a means to justify your own outrage and politics is 10x.

I’m gonna blame society. There. Now let’s all get back to 2 1/2 men.



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  1. Al says:

    if hipsters had a tenth of the business-sense that their immigrant great-grandparents had, they’d know that:

    1. TV shows are not works of art or culture; they are the same as the New York Times and Facebook: flimsy excuses to collate, categorize, and deliver demographic entities to paying advertisors. If you watched the show for “free”, you are being sold to an advertiser.

    Lots of shows out there about blacks; it’s not because the Jews who run Hollywood admire people who burn down their own neighborhoods. It’s because blacks can be depended upon to SPEND THEIR ENTIRE PAYCHECK every week – thus, advertisers want to talk to them. And, you can depend upon Africans to pay $500 for a pair of $5 sneakers by slapping a faux basketball-star’s signature on them. Thus advertisers want to talk to them.

    I can prove with facts and figures that young hipster white chicks will routinely make foolish buying decisions. Thus, as an advertiser whose only chance of getting rich is to peddle foolish nonsenses chmattas and gimmicks….. you’d want to talk to them.

    And Mark Zuckerberg is very happy to sell them to you!

    1. WELLOFFMONKEY says:

      Where did you get your statistics? I’m black and I make a decent living but I don’t go squander it on Jordan’s, 20 inch rims, kool aid, or gold teeth…Perhaps you have something to say about the “Rich Kids of Instagram” spending over $100,000 in one night on a meal for 24 people, WHILE buying $20 Cokes! That’s ridiculous insanity!

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