The Rappers: Kosha Dillz, Soul Khan and More – HJs @ SXSW 2012

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We all know that rap is not for Hipsters. Sure, if you remix some 90s hip hop with indie music, Hipsters will dance to it. Even if it all sounds kind of the same after a while (I’m looking at you, Girl Talk). Yet it seems that Jewish males have been taking over SXSW in this genre. And because I’m strapped for time and this will kill many birds with a few stones, here are your Jewish rappers of SXSW 2012. It’s a deep list, so be prepared for the ghettoblasting.


1) Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz, hailing from Derty Jerz is very upfront about his Judaism. He wears it with pride, and loves to rap about it. This is his third year performing at SXSW, and to say the least, he’s grown. A superbowl commercial featured one of his songs. He was featured on Daytrotter (which technically means you are kind of a big deal). And his sweatpant song is pretty damn catchy. I never thought Dillz would blow up as quickly as he has, but you can’t question his pop style. I’m not afraid to admit I was wrong. Here’s a video of Dillz rapping in front of 2 incredibly white women, while friend of Hipsterjew Ben Tap Soul is laying down the beat.

Dillz will be playing 2 SXSW shows this week: March 14 at Club 606, 11:45 pm, and March 15th at Lipstick 24 for Oy Vey SXSW, 12-6pm.



2) Soul Khan

Soul Khan, aka Noah Abraham Wesson, is by far the most stereotypically-Jewish looking rapper. Large nose, thick glasses, sports either a bushy mustache or a full-on Jew beard. Yet the second he opens his mouth, none of it matters. Even in a room where he’s one of the only white people; his race no longer matters. His bassful voice takes over, a voice that reminds me of the incredible Charli 2na (Jurassic Five), but his flow is undeniably addictive and different. This video, featuring Soul Khan at a rap battle, says all you need to know about him. The man is gifted as hell, Jewish as hell, but doesn’t need to obsess about his heritage (unlike, say me). He doesn’t need to work the college crowd like those from the Jewish frat rap pack. He’s an underground rapper who commands respect, even with a college degree and a presumably middle-class upbringing. Khan’s raps with the group Brown Bag Allstars are also nothing to scoff at.

It’s hard to choose a video – there’s so many, and they’re all impressive. Take for example this rap battle. It’s long, but it’s worth watching. Khan’s opponent obsesses about Jesus (worn territory), but that’s a rap battle. And Khan just rips him to shreds. Race, physical features, sexual orientation, illegitimate children: It’s all part of the game. And it’s fucking brutal. It’s also worth watching until the end.

“I was a highly gifted student and a college debator, so if I wanted to fuck your girl I could probably persuade her”.

Did I mention he’s a Brooklyn rapper originally from LA? His latest EP drops tomorrow. Listen to a track here.

If you want to see an artist who’s on a meteoric rise, check him out Saturday, March 17 from 11:50PM -12:10AM at Malaia.


3) Schaffer the Dark Lord

Schaffer the Dark Lord, part comedian part rapper (100% nerdcore), will be returning again this year. There’s not much more to say than what I’ve already said, but check him out in the video below, and go to his show March 13th at Flamingo Cantina, 1145pm-1215am.

This video is really just for Schlitz Lipz.



4) Mac Miller

Jewish rapper from the Pittsburgh ‘burbs, he’s moved past the college circuit and is now a big fucking deal (BFD), 100,000,000+ youtube views. His songs seem to primarily deal with #whitepeopleproblems. But maybe I’m just being racial. Here’s his song, Donald Trump, which seems to be quite popular. Catch him Friday, March 16, 12:00AM -12:40AM at Club de Ville.


5) Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon, aka Yeshe Perl, has lead an interesting life. Growing up in LA, he’s been a prostitute, drug dealer, and managed to also have a child. Although I thought he had died from an overdose, turns out he’s got a new album coming out this year.

Listen to his catchy single, Jane Fonda. And maybe you too should consider doing the Jane Fonda. Catch him Wednesday, March 14, 12:30AM – 1:00AM at Club 606.

6) Asher Roth

Whoops. Doesn’t consider himself Jewish, so that’s all for today, folks.



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