The Hipster Literature Flowchart is a great Holiday Gift Guide

Chicky —  11/29/2012 —  Comments

Hipsters are needy creatures. We love pop culture, we love literature, but we don’t want to read works that everyone else has read. We’re assholes like that, in one of the many many ways that we are assholes.

Do you have some Grammer Nazi friends who hold fancy English degrees and work at independent book stores? Are you unsure of what to buy them for Xmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus?

The Hipster Lit Flowchart will answer all your troubles.




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  1. Janet Roberts says:

    Hipster Jew newsletter is such a treat! I love the book selections. Hope to read them. Call me a Goyish Shiksa Groupie, tay?