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Lollapalooza has postponed its Israel concert. So far there are no reports why they have done this, but many can assume it’s because artists hate the politics of playing in Israel. The August concert we previously discussed will most likely not be happening this year. We will pour out some of our Manischewitz while mourning your loss, Israel.

Let’s face it, more than half of you reading this will not be fasting on Yom Kippur. And about half of that won’t be going to services. Many of you will probably be sitting at home refreshing facebook just to see who else is sitting at home refreshing facebook. Instead I think you should get out of your house. Explore the eerily empty streets on three, two, and dare I say one wheel. There will not be any cars on the road. Most people will be inside asking the spaghetti monster to forgive them. So take out your bike and explore the country. You deserve it for having to put up with the ultra religious.

Anyways, who gets their dose of spirituality from sitting on a crappy bench for 12 hours? I can honestly say I’ve had more spiritual highs from exercising than sitting in synagogue.

Pitchfork tells us of an Israel Lollapalooza next year, Aug 20-22, 2013.

UPDATE: Lollapalooza Israel has been postponed indefinitely

Before you say anything, reread that last sentence. Lollapalooza. Israel. August. 2013. Middle East. Music. Tunes.

You’re probably wondering why Lollapalooza would go to Israel, the country where indie bands regularly refuse to play. Because of politics and punishing liberal Israelis who like music. There’s one reason Lollapalooza is the festival’s organizer Perry Farrell. You may know him as front man for 90s alt rock Jane’s Addiction. Or you may know him by his birth name, Peretz Bernstein.

That’s right. Lollapalooza is finally traveling to the Home Land.

Madonna scares some Tel Aviv residents by showing some see-through nip.

Madonna was in Tel Aviv, probably because her manager is Jewish and Jews control the music industry. Even though she probably wanted to #BDS Israel and not begin her tour there, she owed her manager. Wait. A. Second. Is she the Kabbahlist? Is that one her?

Oh yeah. That’s why she was in Tel Aviv. Because Madonna loves Israel more than I love Kosher dill pickles, no pun intended. Did I mention how much I love pickles?

Anyhow, here’s a video of a flamboyant Jewish man screaming at Israelis about Madonna and braids and twirls. I don’t understand it, but then again I haven’t ever cared about Madonna. Maybe if she stopped fame-whoring on the reg I’d care. Totally unlike my girl Kreayshawn.


IUDM – HJs @ SXSW 2012

Chicky —  03/10/2012 —  Comments

Knowing little about metal, and even less about Israeli metal, our last Israeli band at SXSW this year is a wild card. They’ve played for 2 decades. Toured the world. Shared the stage with Rage Against the Machine and Metallica. Atleast that’s what their website says. And I can’t verify it, so why not?

IUDM is a band that needs little introduction. All you need to know is that they’ll rock your fucking ears off. What? You knew Gene Simmons was born in Israel? But had no idea that Israeli female metalheads played in successful bands?

This band is for the fringe/weird Hipsters who love their sub-sub-subgenre avant garde metal. And those who are obsessed with Metalocalypse.

Catch them Wednesday, March 14 10:00-10:40 at The Loft.

Balkan Beat Box played SXSW in 2010, and they have returned for 2012. I saw them last year in Seattle, and really enjoyed the show. Expect another strong performance from them this year at SXSW.

Listening to their single I’d say it isn’t too different from their previous works: dance beats interlaced with Jamaican/Reggae and Balkan musical influences. But I’m no BBB expert, so don’t quote me on that.

Balkan Beat Box just released a new album, Give. It was inspired by all three band members becoming fathers, and by the large populist movements that took place throughout the world – Occupy, Arab Spring, etc. There’s even a song about one of the members but in detention by TSA on Alaskan Airlines for being mistaken for a terrorist #middleeasternproblems.

(UPDATED) Catch them Twice: Friday March 16th, at Speakeasy, 12:45am-1:50am. And Saturday, March 17th at the Stage on Sixth Patio, 11:15pm – 12:00pm.

Dance your groovy asses off, mon.

Okay. Women can wear Tefillin only when they look sexy and it matches their outfit. Deal, Rabbis?

Every country needs their own Celine Dion. Their own Feist/Fiona Apple, if you will. Every country needs an alternative singer-songwriter so that Hipsters can compare their own alt singer/songwriter with the boring mainstream ones. Israeli has Yael Kraus.

Yael Kraus is another Israeli musician based out of NYC. (Don’t Mess with the Zohan proved that all Israelis in America live here.) She has worked with other Israeli musicians such as Balkan Beat Box (also attending SXSW 2012). Finally I can pine after a cute indie songwriter and dream of Hipster Jew babies without feeling any misplaced feelings of guilt.

Yael will be playing March 17th, 10pm at tenOak. And of course, she’ll be at the double-super-secret Tel Aviv beach party.

Erez Ben Ishay is hot shit in the Tel Aviv gay club community (yes, it exists, but that’s as much as I know). When he’s not traveling the world DJing, he’s running his own night club and DJing for the annual Tel Aviv gay pride parade, among other gigs. It probably helps that he loves sampling Latin beats.

As Erez himself says, “in all of his parties the musical spectrum ranges from Minimal and Groove to Tech-House and Progressive tune.”

If you happen to see Erez in Austin this year, at the Tel Aviv Beach Party Friday, March 16 11a – 8p, be prepared to get your grind on.

Listen to more of his sets here.

We begin this year’s SXSW with a group of talented Israelis. Acollective hails from Tel Aviv, the land of Israeli Hipsters. Acollective is an eclectic collection of many different musical genres. Incorporating jazz, contemporary folk, jamming guitars, Middle Eastern influences, and a hint of funk, their sound fluctuates from rowdy dance rock to melodramatic intimate ballads. Some of their more mellow songs sound like Okkervil River, while others like Whiskey Eyes sound like an unreleased track by indie-go-happy Ok Go.

They formed in 2008 and are already the poster child for indie Israeli bands. Don’t believe me? Listen to their newest album, Onwards, which was produce by non other than the prodigious and talented Chris Shaw. (He’s worked on albums ranging from Nada Surf, Bob Dylan, Weezer, Ween, Ted Leo, Public Enemy, and A Tribe Called Quest. The man is legit.) If you don’t want to buy their album after listening to it, you’re probably a cold-hearted jaded music snob.

/ Catch Acollective Wednesday, March 14 at the Loft, from 9:00 to 9:40.

// Like them on Facebook here.

Acollective could probably use a few more Israeli dudes.

Look at this lazy Hipster, probably buying rare vinyls at an outdoor market.

People are surprised. People are pissed. Young, secular, hip kids don’t want to fight in a seemingly never-ending war with a hostile population? They’d rather get drunk, listen to rock n’ roll, and have premarital sex? That’s just crayyyyyyy.

The Tel Aviv metropolitan area and Jerusalem have extremely low rates of army enlistment, Ynet reported today. Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut was first on the list while Tel Aviv was 52nd and Jerusalem 62nd. Many of Jerusalem’s residents are haredim, which largely accounts for its low ranking. (via Failed Messiah)

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that all those liberal Hipsters are Palestinian sympathizers. Left wing ideologies. Probably a bunch of pussy pacifists who hate Israel and Democracy. They should all just move to New England/NYC where they can forget about God and have wild, intensive orgies.