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Klein looks like the Jewish WWF Wrestler Mick Foley

We’ve saved the best for last. It’s no secret that The Duckman and I have a bit of a love affair with My Jerusalem. Sometimes you can’t explain love. You can’t explain the flusterings in your heart. You just know something’s destined for greatness. Words don’t do justice. Enter: My Jerusalem

They’re from Austin, Texas. Jeff Klein, frontman, is a naturally funny guy (wonder how that always happen with Joos). During a recent twitter conversation, he told me 2 important bits of information. 1) He once wanted to start a clothing line called Shmata. 2) Klein wants to do an HJ photo shoot wearing 2 yarmulkas as a bikini top. He’s my type of man.

I could try to give a bio of the band, but I wouldn’t do justice, mainly because I’m a hack blogger and whoever wrote their bio is a damn good writer. Here’s the first paragraph on the website, you should check the rest of it out here.

What’s a nice boy like Jeff Klein doing on the Lower East Side, doling out bruised rock anthems instead of taking up a nice, steady dental practice? Instead of being corrupted by cigarettes and whiskey, and transforming himself into one of the most accomplished purveyors of urban Americana, Klein could have maybe put down the guitar and pursued the rabbinical study. But after years of going it alone with critically acclaimed solo albums and working with fellow tarnished souls like Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan, Klein is finally making up for whatever heartbreak he’s caused his family by revisiting the Holy Land of My Jerusalem—though as the possessive indicates, it’s still on his own terms. Hey, it could have been worse, Papa Klein. He could have been Philip Roth, and spent 40 years writing about his penis.

They recently played Daytrotter. They played SXSW last year and in 2009. Their latest song, Shake the Devil, is catchy as fuck. The raw, scratchy emotional vocals. The simple yet elegant folksy guitar picking. The brass. Jeff Klein’s massive BEARD. It’s all there. For your entertainment. (Seriously just listened to it 6 times in a row.)

My Jerusalem – Shake The Devil (official video) from My Jerusalem on Vimeo.

If you are in NYC Apr 16, I highly suggest you mark your calendar and check them out at the Mercury Lounge.

Hear more of their songs here.

Jeffrey (Brodksy) Jerusalem works a double shift at SXSW this year. He’s the drummer for the YACHT, a dance indie band from Portland, OR that loves synth. If you haven’t heard YACHT I suggest you do before they become huge. They’re riding the synth/dance train all the way to the bank, and it’s best to get on that train before it leaves the station (Yay shitty metaphors!). This is party music, people.

Jeffrey Jerusalem played SXSW last year, and he’s back at it again. Bigger, better, stronger, and more likely to kill. His solo stuff is more of an electronic-meets-percussion discussion. Fun times will be had by all.

Tanlines is the only band at SXSW this year composed entirely of Heebs. Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm are the musical force behind this pop/indie/world duo from Brooklyn, New York. Their music is heavily influenced by the 70s and 80s. Cohen’s other band, Professor Murder, is a post-punk band also influenced by new wave. Below you can listen to their first song off of their new album Mixed Emotions, due March 20th.

They’ve opened for many big named musicians in the ‘indie’ scene, but ff you haven’t heard of them, don’t worry. Now’s your chance. Watch their latest music video below, in 360 degree angles, and feel like you’ve been transported to 1985!

At SXSW. She’s second on the left.

The Coathangers are an all female post-punk band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band started out as a joke, and you can hear in their songs that they don’t tkae themselves too seriously. How can you when your band name references back-alley coathanger abortions? Kugel is the lead singer, and seemingly least-tattooed member of the Coathangers. Don’t worry, bb, one day all us Jews will get tattoos without feeling guilty. Their latest album, Larceny and old Lace, received a 7.6 from Pitchfork. That means they are even too good for P4k.

Enjoy some  SXSW punk rock below, and then maybe after throw on Pixies’ Doolittle. They’re in the same league.

The Abramson Singers is partly an elaborate joke. There are no singers plural; only 1 Leah Abramson, singing multiple harmonies. It’s not meant as a gimmick, and it certainly doesn’t feel that way. Her singing sounds genuine. So genuine, in fact, that if you paranoid like me, you have to assume she’s hiding something. Possibly a few real sisters?

Abramson is the the only Canadian Jewish Hipster [Ed Note: Is that enough labels? Female, too? Maybe add Folk?] (Vancouver) to make it to SXSW this year, making her a rare breed indeed. Enjoy some of her Canadian folk music below!

Catch her Friday, March 16: 2 pm at The Snackbar (free), or 7:30 pm at The Hilton Garden Inn (official badge only).

Haim – HJs @ SXSW 2012

Chicky —  03/16/2012 —  Comments

Haim is a family of talented musicians. Mom, Dad, 3 girls. These Los Angeles sisters, Danielle, Alana, and Este, are Haim. Haim also happens to be their last name.

If the Dixie Chicks weren’t southern, but instead came from California, and were Jewish….well then I guess maybe you’d have Haim? Listen to them rock it out at the Bowery in NYC below.

And they even have the required self-deprecating humor.

See them Friday, March 16 from 8:00PM – 8:40PM at Karma Lounge.

Sweet beard. Seriously. I’m jealous. I’ve got a weak ‘stache.

Oneohtrix Point Never is Animal Collective approved, having been chosen by them to play All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2011. The brainchild of Brroklyn resident Daniel Lopatin (also of Ford and Lopatin, previously Games), listening to electronic/Ambient music will never be the same. Lopatin’s signature style feature vocals from old television commercials. A true liberal, Lopatin will do whatever is necessary to recycle. And sometimes he likes to end things on a Jewish note.

He even makes his own music videos, recycling dated children’s cartoons.

Catch Oneohtrix Point Never Thursday, March 15 from 1:00AM – 1:50AM at the Sony Club @ Red 7. Ride the ambiance.

I know this song wasn’t written for me…but is it weird if I whisper ‘I love you too’ into my computer microphone?

Rosi Golan is another Israeli ex-pat. Living in Brooklyn (proving my theory they all live in NYC or NJ), Rosi is the second Israeli singer-songwriter to come to SXSW. ALERT: She’ll make your heart swoon.

Her songs have been featured in dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer (anyone who denies that the former is not a drama about a man with sever mental handicap trying to survive in modern American is in denial).

And as always, when I run out of things to say about a singer-songwriter’s music (she’s got an amazing voice, but sometimes I feel like there’s only so much to say about a singer-songwriter that isn’t Alanis Morissette), I go to my obvious crutch: Physical features.

Now I know, someone will think this is sexist. It’s not. I’m an equal opportunity objectual-sexifier (that’s a real word). I’ll call out a sexy male-JILF and a sexy female-JILF. I just call hot for what it is: hot. And that being said, Rosi Golan would certainly make my mom proud.

Catch her Thursday, March 15th from 11pm – 11:40pm at The Tap Room at Six.

Strong pipes AND good looks? Israel should be spending money promoting HER, not wasting it on Birthright.

Sarah Jaffe a singer-songwriter who isn’t afraid to wear her emotions on her sleeve. The music shows. From Texas and only 26 years old, this is her second SXSW appearance in 3 years. Girl’s got talent.

That being said, the traditional singer-songwriter feel on her first two albums has been shattered. In lieu we begin to hear some of her early noise/post influences. We finally are offered something truly original sounding, noisy, gritty, and emotional. Be excited. Be very excited. The Hipster in Jaffe is coming ALIVE!

Hear a song from her new album on IFC.

Call me Jewish, but a part of me wishes she was the cantor for Rosh Hashanah services. Maybe then I’d be more motivated to go. Maaayyyyybe.

Catch her Thursday, March 15 from 8:00PM – 8:40PM at Club de Ville.

Sometimes you’ve gotta support your local DJs. Local DJs are the lifeblood of any city’s dance scene. They choose the music that decides if you have a Hipster-tastic night and find a cute Hipster person to hook up with, or if you go home alone. All because they chose some new Beyonce song over any rap song from the late 80s or 90s. Boner killer.

For every A-Trak that exists, a hundred others are around, one day hoping to remix and collaborate towards dance/pop greatness. Les Professionnels are one of these groups, trying to make a name for themselves. And if SXSW is any indication, they may be exploding onto the Philly club scene faster than you can say ‘thump thump thump dump thump thump thump dump thump thump thump’.

Les Professionnels play everything: Electronic production, electro, disco, house, hip-hop, dub, groove, and even a little –gasp– dubstep.

This song is my favorite, an electronic/hip-hop song produced by Les Professionnels. Beat reminds me a bit of the one and only RJD2. (If that isn’t a compliment, I’m quitting the compliment game.)

Listen to a broad range of their music here.

See the flier below to see where they are playing SXSW March 15th. Gonna be one helluva dance party.