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Let’s take a moment out of our day to discuss current queen of all things ass, Nicki Minaj (Miley Cyrus get the fuck out). She catapulted into the center of pop culture after a guest verse on biggest hipster in the world Kanye’s “Monster,” and has been there more or less ever since, reminding us that she has a big butt by talking about it non-stop. And by shaking it a whole lot in every music video she does. Sometimes she raps in weird voices, but mostly she just shakes her ass and talks about the pros and cons of having lots of booty.

This really wouldn’t be of any concern to us at Hipster Jew normally. We’re content to stay in our corner, which is talking about hipster garbage, and ridiculing anyone caught making a Hitler reference or people that get outed wearing SS uniforms for Halloween. So we really don’t care about Nicki Min–


Oh! Oh. Okay. I guess we’re going there.

So here we have a music video director taking a song about sex, and transforming it into some odd amalgamation of hip hop meets “Triumph of the Will.” I assume he had free reign to make the video however he wanted, after all, only artists are so obsessed with form and style that they would take a film like “Triumph” and admire it, get inspired by it, and then slavishly imitate it, while wholly disregarding the context. it’s something a film student would do after smoking a shitload of weed and then deciding to model his final project after a Reifenstahl piece.

But the degree of replacement imagery that’s in the video leads me to think that the director did this with full knowledge of the context. The whole thing: Nicki’s bent over ass pose replacing the Nazi eagle, Chris Brown as the surrogate Mussolini right hand man, the Young Money logo redesigned to take the place of the swastika, all calculated for clicks and pageviews. The whole thing is asking for a Twitter shitstorm, and since the director is retweeting but not talking to or engaging the people talking about it, it’s going to get one. And now even a small blog like HipsterJew is talking about it. Mission Accomplished.

Here’s the only part I don’t get though: Why is Drake the Pope? It feels tacked on. You couldn’t make him Goering or someone? Just… it doesn’t fit. I like my Third Reich tributes to be professional, you know? Shoehorning the Pope in to make some sort of tangential point reeks of amateurism.

Last week, a player on the Greek National Soccer team, Giorgos Katidis, scored a goal and then preceded to celebrate by giving the Nazi salute (or heiling) for several seconds toward the audience. It was an incredibly stupid, terrible, and offensive decision by him, but the more offensive decision was made today by the Greek National Soccer Team by banning Giorgos from their team for life.


The Holocaust sucked. It was the worst, it was terrible. No one disagrees with that. No one should take it lightly and even after seventy years, the “heil” is offensive and shouldn’t ever be done, but to ban a kid for doing it once in a moment of excitement is stupid and sending the absolute wrong message. .

When Giorgos was asked about his offensive gesture, he pleaded ignorance. He said he saw it in a history book, and he thought it looked cool. He had no idea what it meant to people, so what do we do in this moment? Do we educate? No. We ban him. We don’t teach the kid, we don’t explain to him what’s going on, we take away the thing he loves and has strived to do his whole life, play soccer. Some people think that Giorgos was being disingenuous, that he knew what he meant and he was just trying to rile up people, or as I like to call it just “being a fucking ass hole”, and even if that were true…he shouldn’t be banned from his team FOR LIFE for that. When I was 20, I used to piss out apartment windows for fun all the time ( I mean daily)…should I never be allowed to live in an apartment building again!? No! Cause I’m not a stupid idiot 20 year old anymore, and one day neither will he be.

Giorgos deserved to be punished, there’s no doubt. We can’t start letting people begin to dishonor the Holocaust and all those who died under the Nazi regime, it’s not right, the scars will take longer than 70 years to heal, but there is a bigger issue here. Giorgos is just a warning shot of what’s to come in this world 70 years after the Holocaust. People don’t know about the Holocaust. It’s becoming just another “thing” in history. I work in a public middle school in Chicago and when I saw an 8th grade girl was reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” in her class I asked her what she knew about the Holocaust. She told me that it was a war in Germany between the Nazis and the Jews. A war I said? A war? She said, yeah. They didn’t like each other, so they fought and the Jews hid…I wanted to scream from the rafters…a war!? A war!? It was a fucking extermination! This is what we’re fighting against…we’re fighting against ignorance, we’re fighting against forgetfulness. We’re fighting against the Giorgos of the world, but not because he’s a fucking ass hole, but because he DOESN’T KNOW!

We fucked up folks. We had a chance to set an example on how we’re going to educate ourselves and others and not to punish the ignorance. It’s time to teach our children about Fascism and Nazism, and I have a suggestion for the first lesson The irony of banning someone for life for speech is exactly what the Nazis would do. It’s Fascist. Lesson Learned.

Oh Regretsy. Always finding the best things that Etsy sellers have to offer. Who wouldn’t want some swastika oven mitts? I believe it was the Fuhrer who said that if you want to be a true proponent of the Nazi cause, you need to buy all the matching Nazi merchandise that the money-hungry Jews sympathizers have to offer. Home is where the oven the is. In this case, home is terribly racist.

You could probably buy them ironically in really bad taste. That’s also am option, just don’t invite coworkers over for dinner. Ever. Coworkers don’t ‘get’ irony.


Don’t cry, baby. I know you don’t mean it. I know you still love me.

The Nazi salute has gotten a bad rep.

Most politicians should be on the internet trolling the Gawker comment section. Politicians are loud, abrasive, and their understanding of hyperbole is meek at best. Sometimes, when they can’t get their fix trolling on Huffpo or sending dick pics to their lady and/or dude friends, they take their trolling to the real world. You know, that place which generally frowns down upon misguided and exaggerated Nazi comparisons.

A Republican lawmaker in New Hampshire was physically removed from the state House of Representatives on Tuesday afternoon after he made a Nazi salute during a contentious debate about limiting what is considered valid voter identification.

Rep. Steve Vaillancourt (R-Manchester) shouted, “Sieg Heil” and moved his hand in the air after House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) restricted what he could address during a floor debate on an amendment to a state voter ID bill. O’Brien had restricted what Vaillancourt could say about the full bill, saying that he could not reference the House Election Law Committee’s discussion, only the issues presented in the committee report.

PEOPLE! This obviously means he was being I-R-O-N-I-C to make a very clear point! Democracy is for Nazis. Vaillancourt not being allowed to reference his 9th grade American history essay on voter turnout is equitable to Hitler being voted as Chancellor of Germany, taking power over all branches of German government, and killing 13+ million people.

This DEFINITELY wasn’t some childish tantrum based on a misguided historical understanding of WWII. But maybe Vaillancourt was a gentleman, apologized, admitted his reaction was an embarrassment to New Hampshire, America, and common decency, and the House of Reps continued on their way?

House members then voted 238 to 103 to allow Vaillancourt to apologize to the full chamber in order to be allowed back in, setting off further debate when Vaillancourt did not apologize in the manner that O’Brien had expected.

“Part of the apology is to get the record straight. I did not use the word ‘Hitler,'” Vaillancourt said before O’Brien ordered him away from the podium.

Point goes to: Vaillancourt. He didn’t say the ‘H-Word’, so he didn’t do anything wrong. He just said ‘Heil!’, which I think is German for ‘death upon you, my friendly neighbor’? Can anyone out there validate this for me?

One Democratic member said that Vaillancourt’s statement was only a German phrase. “All he said was ‘victory’ in German,” the lawmaker said.

Whoops! My mistake. ‘Heil’ is just a German phrase (or what some people would call a single word?). It has no historical meaning and by itself is a totally appropriate word. If you wanted to use the swastika, it would be okay because it just means ‘national socialism’ or something. And Shylock was just some literary character in a Shakespeare movie play. Just like ‘shifty’, ‘cheap’, and ‘swarthy’ don’t have any negative connotations; they’re just words. Words were never historically used to negatively stereotype or insult a group of people.

New Hampshire sounds like a wonderful place to live and be involved in politics.

/ Thank God I live in Vermont, the whitest state in the Union?
// The debate is still on for the appropriateness of Hitler ‘stache.

In America, people wear Nazi regalia for 2 reasons: 1) They are white supremacists. 2) They have no limits to irony. In China, they do it for an entirely different reason: Nazi clothing and Nazi-inspired clothing is chic and has no real meaning. And unlike their former communist brethren to the north, China doesn’t have much history with Nazi Germany. They enjoy all the fun with none of the guilt.

Don’t believe me? Some guy on a website showed off some of the top Nazi gear sold on a top Chinese website. This confuses me because I thought only the West uses the internet to buy things, and the East only uses the internet to sell me things. Huh. Moving on.

First we have some Nazi iPhone cases. For the person who wants the world to know that they are a diehard Apple supporter and a diehard white people supporter:

This one is for the Chinese Hipster who wants people to know that he prefers the simple and austere over the gaudy.

They even sell Hitler action figures! In a non-ironic sort of way! Just like J.I. Joe!

J.I. Joe? Meet Hitler. May the best man win (Joe).

Finally, we have the clothing. The true fashion. The type of clothes, that if not for Nazis and all the hatred they were, would actually…well…if I have to say one nice thing about Nazis, it’s that they knew how to dress. Someone studied the psychology of fashion. I said it Mom, okay! Don’t scold me! Gosh!


For the embarrassed Hipster who only wants people ‘in the fold’ to know the shady fashion origins.

There you have it. Nazi fashion. Non-ironic. Non-hateful. Just weird and foreign.

See more here.

Crazy Roger Ailes agrees with Glenn Beck: Everyone’s a Nazi!

I’m not going to talk about the overuse of Nazi comparison in politics. It’s been done, ad nauseum. (Click here to read our Beckus from 2010.) I’d rather talk about Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox News, defending crazy Glenn Beck against all those terrible, selfish Rabbis. The Rabbis that tried to bring calm reason to crazy conspiracy-theory racists.

Once you get past Ailes’ whole rambling about the evils of ‘social justice’, you get to the real meat of the issue.

“I would like to add that both Fox News and Mr. Beck the recipients of great praise by well known Jewish organizations.”

What a carp. Not only is Ailes using the ‘I have Jewish friends so I’m totally not a batshit loony who has a fanatical obsession with Naziism’. He’s also being as vague as shit. Jewish organizations love you? They’re well known, but you can’t name a single one? I call crazy bullshit.

// The Daily Beast

Space Nazis. Space Hindenburgs. A tagline which states: ‘The Battle For Earth is Gonna Get Nazi’. Maybe even a dash of Revenge?

Nazi alternative histories are the best histories. Why learn about boring, REAL American history (AKA White People’s History), when we can make up history! If Glenn Beck and Newt Gingrich reimagine history, why can’t we do it too (But in a fun way/fuck the Nazis)?

And so, for your enjoyment, a video about Space Nazis set in the not-to-distant future. Where a Sarah Palin-like figure has been elected president. A video, where once again, we are free to openly root against the Nazis, treat them like subhuman beings, and totally feel good about ourselves. No need for irony. Just pure, unadulterated Nazi-hating violence. The best kind of violence.

Caption Contest

Chicky —  02/07/2012 —  Comments

“It was then that Robert realized this WASN’T the Guinness World Record for the longest Congo Line.”

You know, the usual. Some right-wing group of people, using scare tactics about Nazis (or in this case neo-Nazis), so that you will agree with their agenda and be fearful of the scary non-Jews. Why does it always seem like conservative groups are the ones who don’t understand nuances and the proper use of Nazi imagery? Can’t some liberals stop being so ‘politically correct’ for a few minutes and maybe give a Heil Hitler or two? It can be ironic — and therefore totally okay. Ish. Not really at all.

“We unequivocally condemned the abuse of the Holocaust memories. Now people may make the equation that we are doing the same thing. But if you look at any neo-Nazi Website, you will see that the swastika is their symbol – it is still being used and people are associating it with neo-Nazism.” (The Jewish Week)

Anyhow. Nazis are over. Can we move past it? Let’s make a new comparison to things that are terrible…how about instead of using Nazis to talk mean about things, we use bandwaggoner. Or lamestreamer. Or Ivy-leaguer. Those things all suck and are icky, right? Here’s how it works:

“Hey, did you see that Wall Street banker punch that homeless man in the face? What a bandwaggoner/lamestreamer/Ivy-Leaguer. They should send him to Texas and hang him or something. Ooh! A local coffee shop! Let’s get some coffee!”

I just read a title from the post on The Forward, a uber Jewish paper/blog titled: Hunting Nazis Is Back in Style in Hollywood.

My immediate gut reaction was: Wait a second…when were they ever out of style? I thought killing Nazis was always fashionable…like scarves.

Then I remembered this old post I wrote, entitled X-Men: First Class proves that everyone loves Nazis. In which I boldly state, as I always do,

As far as I am concerned, there are two types of Holocaust films (excluding documentaries). There are movies like Schindler’s List and A Beautiful Life, meant to portray the Holocaust on a gritty, emotional level. If you have dry eyes after these movies, you are either a horrible monster, have a medical condition, or both.

The other type of more recent Holocaust movies are when the protagonist either kills Nazi, or even better a Jew who kills Nazis. For example, Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, or The Resistance with Daniel Craig. Both these films portrayed Jews who took vengeance on the Germans, allowing for some mild vindication.

And then there’s the films that have Jewish Nazi-hunting protagonists with a Nazi agenda. This is where X-Men: First Class comes in.

There’s reasons why HipsterJew lives upto its name as the most culturally adept Jewish-related blog out there. This is just one very small one.

Nazi ZombiesNazi Zombies are a close second.