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So someone as part of an art exhibit has put together an interactive video game that lets you play as Anne Frank. I don’t even know where to start on something like this. I guess the matter-of-fact questions come first: What genre is this? RPG? Survival horror? Is it graphical, or is it a text-base game? Will it have quicktime events like in Resident Evil? {Tap A to keep quiet} {Tap B to open door}


Not to mention the moral questions that a game like this brings up. How do you get gamers to play something that they already know the ending to? In an Anne Frank game, you can only achieve BAD END without the game feeling like a copout. How do you implement multiplayer without making one side the Nazis? OR is the multiplayer mode a race against the clock and whomever sells information first about the other player wins? I’m feeling dirty just trying to design this game in my head.

I liked it better when games set in WWII gave you a gun and told you to blast anything wearing Hugo Boss. I think I’ll boot up DOSBox and play some Wolfenstein 3D to wash off the moral ambiguity.

Tonight, as part of the School of Visual Arts Thesis Showcase of Social Documentary Film Department, director Olga Klyachina will be premiering her film When People Die They Sing Songs.


“When People Die They Sing Songs” is a story of mother and daughter who resolve to uncover their wartime past buried half a century ago. After suffering a stroke, 93-year-old Holocaust survivor Regina is getting music therapy. Accompanied by a music therapist, Regina sings Yiddish and French songs of her youth. Her daughter Sonia is with her at every session. This revitalizes their mother-daughter relationship and emboldens them to revisit their past. With Regina’s help, Sonia tries to capture their family story. The past they were so eager to forget they are now anxious to remember. But Regina’s memory is rapidly succumbing to dementia.

Friday, September 20
SVA Theatre
333 W 23rd St
between 8th and 9th Av

Check for more updates / clips / and future screenings on the facebook page Olga Diplodocus

I knew it! You all thought I was crazy – to claim a Holocaust movie about a German guy in clown face would be fake. But it’s not. It wasn’t buried forever to die – atleast, not yet. Because someone found a demo reel with Jerry Lewis dressed as a clown, speaking a foreign language. IT HAS TO BE IT YOU GUYS.

Dreams can become true. For example you dream of a terrible movie for a terrible event and then it comes out and everyone’s like ‘This isn’t Life is Beautiful, WTF?!?’ and you hide it and cry those shameful tears. You tried your best, but your best wasn’t good enough for the Holocaust AND Clowns.

In other news, I’m working on a porn parody of The Day The Clown Cried. It’s gonna be called The Day The Clown Fucked. Equally as terrible, equal amount of tasteless Holocaust references and clownface.

// Via Jon DA

There’s a lot you can’t buy.

You can’t buy happiness. You can’t buy me love. You can’t buy back history.

However, you CAN buy Schindler’s list. No, not the DVD. The actual freaking list. Well, one of the actual freaking lists. On E-Bay. Yes. You can buy a list that kept over a thousand Jews alive. The starting bid is $3,000,000,00.

Oskar Schindler

I know Oskar Schindler, I am also shocked.

Heavy stuff.

What would you do with the list if you had it? Would you put it under your pillow? Burn it dramatically in an interpretative art piece? Or just frame it in your bathroom? I don’t know WHAT you do with that sort of thing. I’m not sure I want to.

Oh look, another crazy person saying crazy things about the Holocaust that have no actual basis or fact and are just being used to promote hatred. Let’s add this to the list of things people claim is the reason for the Holocaust.

• Vegetarianism
• Communism
• Socialism
• Gun Control
• Holocaust never happened
• Reason
• Scientific Enlightenment
• The Jews
• Atheism
• Obama

Aren’t you happy these people get to voice their opinions on TV… America…

Justin. Dear, Sweet lil Justin.

Come into my office. You need a life lesson and Hipster Jew has got the words ready and waiting for your sweet ass.

Biebs, as with everything, there are appropriate times to get your “swag on” and also inappropriate times. An example of an appropriate time to swag would be when attending or performing in a concert or when trying to show off at your (middle school) reunion. An  example of an inappropriate time would be in an interrogation room at ISIS Headquarters or AT THE ANNE FRANK HOUSE.

Yep. Justin Bieber had a private tour of the Anne Frank House and all the world got from it was some pictures of him swagging it up and his guestbook statement:

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

Justin Bieber at Anne Frank HouseWhy are you wearing sunglasses IN THE ANNE FRANK HOUSE, Justin Bieber?


Who do you think you are?

How did you go to such a devastating place full of missed opportunities and tragedy, and decide that it’s the place to capitalize on your status as a tween heartthrob? Children died, Justin Bieber. Little girls never got a chance to be fans of whatever mildly attractive boy was famous at the time because they were in hiding, or worse.

Anne Frank is no longer just a 13-year-old girl. She is a historical figure that represents a horror that should never occur again. Show some respect.


Hipster Jew’s Feline Liaison

PS: Stop owning monkeys.  Monkeys are wild animals and shouldn’t be domesticated.  Grow up.

If you don’t have HBO, it’s time to get it. Not only are you missing out on the ability to watch Game of Thrones as it airs instead of illegally watching it later, you are also missing out on a great opportunity to be really sad and possibly cry, but also be really excited in the implicit goodness in humanity. Or whatever.

For on this April 8th, 2013, The Year of our Lord, you may watch a Holocaust documentary on the Home Box Office. You lucky duck.

50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus


It promises to be a sad but beautiful time.

It’s the story of  the Kraus’s, an American-Jewish couple who led fifty lil Jew babes  from Austria to the US during ye olde Holocaust, Harriet Tubman style. They face obstacles: like being Jews in Europe, the stupid bureaucracy of the American government, and nine-year-old Ethel Goldenblaum’s constant kvetching about a devastating  lack of strudel in the Americas. (Distasteful joke? I can’t decide)

Narrated by the lovely Alan Alda, this documentary from Steven Presssman tugs at the heart strings with letters from Eleanor Krauss and interviews with some of the surviving rescued children.

You might not have time to get HBO, if not gather around a friend’s laptop for their HBO To Go account. Don’t miss this. Get your tissue box ready. It’s going to be a long night.


Your Bubbie may be dancing disco, and you don’t even know it. The 1970s are back. And even though your Bubbie may have been 40 years old and raising your mom or dad, she’s finally going to live out her John Travolta wet dream.


The seniors chillax on beanbag couches and immerse themselves in an interactive environment featuring black lights, a projector beaming psychedelic images on a wall, a “shower curtain” of multi-colored fiber-optic strands and an aromatherapy diffuser that makes the room smell like a trip to The Body Shop.

Seniors. ‘Chillaxing’. Black Lights. Have I died and gone to heaven?

“I feel like I’m in heaven,” said Dora Zalcberg, 89, who was just 16 in 1939 when she was snatched from her home in Bedzin, Poland, and taken to the Parschnitz concentration camp, where she was spared the gas chamber only because she was a skilled machinist.

Yup. I definitely died and went to heaven. New York has EVERYTHING.

Read more about this disco dancing Bubbies in the NYPost.

There is not many things that are more beautiful than three Holocaust survivors sitting together at a Thanksgiving table and singing a song about good will and happiness. Not even Ryan Gosling with pictures of his dog can compare. And that is saying something.

This video was captured by Erica Fishbein at a “warm  home”. What is a warm home? Only a place where lonely old Jews gather together for Thanksgiving. I. Can’t. Handle. It.

If you like the idea that there is good in humanity, watch this video. If you love your grandparents, watch this video. If you hate all of the above, I believe 2 1/2 Men is on somewhere for your viewing pleasure

//@Kreamclan via Laughing Squid

If you were friends with these Israeli chicks, they’d totally supply you.

Israel is a weird amalgamation of a country. They can be super conservative when it comes to Arabs, Palestinians, Ethiopians, and those Rabbis who control half of the civil laws. But they can also be really liberal, like their healthcare policies, their gay rights, and it seems their love of smoking the reefer.

USA Today wrote an article about the Israeli Jews who love toking. They even interview a Holocaust survivor, to make it clear that it is TOTALLY OKAY TO SMOKE WEED. Because only an asshole would question a survivor.

Some may question the religious stringency to get high like a motherfucker, but how do you think Moses and all those other Jewish elders wrote the Torah? Exactly. He ‘saw God’ and ‘everyone totally believed him, man’.

This year, the company also developed a marijuana strain used by a quarter of its customers, said to carry all the reported medical benefits of cannabis, but without THC, the psychoactive chemical component that causes a high. The cannabis is instead made with high quantities of CBD, a substance that is believed to be an anti-inflammatory ingredient, which helps alleviate pain.

Israel has removed all the fun-loving THC from the plants, but that doesn’t it mean smoking it won’t make you feel so good on the inside.

Do you crazy drug haters need any more proof that marijuana is God-approved?

“I’ve been a Holocaust child all my life,” says Rute, recalling how his father died at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Germany, and how nights were cold in the barn where his neighbor kept him and his several siblings safely hidden.

“I’m now 80 and I’m still a Holocaust child, but I’m finally able to better cope.”

Only a monster would deny a person who had survived so much trauma from coping in the ways that they think best.

Who’s moving to Colorado or Washington?