SXSW furtheres the ‘indie music/comedian trend’

Chicky —  11/04/2011 —  Comments

Meet the face of a new generation of HJ Comedians

Remember when I mentioned the trend of comedians starring in indie/hip music videos? It’s so prevalent that it has fervently attached itself to the Hipster Mecca known as SXSW:

Earlier this year, the festival hosted six nights of comedy. But next year’s fest will feature no fewer than eight consecutive nights of comedy shows, according to the November issue of SXSWorld magazine (yes, an actual print publication not available online).

“Every year, we’ve built on the year before, and every year it’s gone gangbusters,” says Charlie Sotelo, the fest’s comedy programmer. “But I think that 2012 will be a quantum leap for comedy at SXSW.”

The music/comedy connection is an old story. People in bands tend to be comedy fans, and a lot of comedians wish they were in bands. So it’s a natural fit,” [my italics] comedian and past SXSW performer tells the magazine, adding, “I’m a sucker for walking up Congress Street and stopping at every craft table and cupcake truck. And for seeing any off-the-beaten-path band that’s playing in a yard or a parking lot.” (via Laughspin)

So there you have it. Not only are Hipsters like Aziz Ansari trending the shit out of the national comedy scene, but they are now joining forces with SXSW to create the most Hipster event ever to currently exist on the face of the world. What does this mean for HJ? Expect more HJ comedians to traverse these glorious pages (because there obviously aren’t enough Jewish comedians out there). Expect more Andy Sandbergs, and less “Andy Sandbags”.



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