Star Wars Uncut

The Duckman —  05/27/2011 —  Comments

I’m so late on this. I heard about it on NPR recently, and don’t care about Emmy’s or Golden Globes, or whatever the hell award movies wins. So obviously no one would tell me, and I would have no way of hearing about Star Wars Uncut. If you haven’t seen it yet, Star Wars Uncut is a projected created by Casey Pugh, a developer at hip Vimeo. Each scene in Star Wars was cut into 15 seconds clips. Random “directors” were able to claimed the clips and refilm them. Some of them are awful. Others are too funny. If you haven’t already checked it out, watch your young adult dreams come true here

Star Wars Uncut – Scene 173 from BEN JACQUES on Vimeo.

StarWars Uncut Scene 72 from Ryan Ortgiesen on Vimeo.

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