Should Hoes Get Learned?

Schlitz Lipz —  04/18/2012 —  Comments

If there’s one thing I can’t stand more than women driving, or women doing comedy, it’s women learning.

Why do we need to learn how to read? Books are dumb. What’s the point in doing a math equation when our brains are too tiny to comprehend the numbers anyway? The only valuable thing a woman has to offer is that thing between her legs. And yes, I mean her Hello Kitty underwear.

Thank G-d I’m not the only who thinks this way. Recently, in Afghanistan, some brave soldier fought hard for the cause they believed in.

Some may say poisoning a bunch of children is wrong, but sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures.

This is what education leads to.

We can’t let our children turn into Brittany. I suggest that we take it upon ourselves to follow in the footsteps of these valiant Afghan souls. Let’s poison some drinking water!  I refuse to allow any girl to have safe drinking water in this country until education is exclusively for men, as it should be.

Schlitz Lipz


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  1. Pete Wolfenjew says:

    A woman after mine own heart. <3