Sharks with Frickin’ Laser Beams

Schlitz Lipz —  05/18/2012 —  Comments

In a complete and total waste of time, a company called Wicked Lasers has finally made Dr. Evil’s dream come true. No sea bass this time, sharks it is!

These money-wasting d-bags (no offense guys, I mean it lovingly) promised to attach laser beams to shark heads if they got what they considered was “enough” likes on Facebook.  When they were satisfied with their “likes” they  put  a 50-milliwatt green laser on a lemon shark. I don’t know what a lemon shark is, but I assume it’s a yellow shark. And that must look really cool.

I’ve been wrong before.

The laser couldn’t even kill someone. It was just a facade. A ruse. A fake, a phony, and whatnots. It couldn’t cause damage to sea life or life in the real world. WTF.

I’m disappointed in you money wasters.  Bring me a laser that can actually murder my nemesis and then we’ll talk.

Schlitz Lipz


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