Schlitz Pretends to Know What She’s Talking About: Youth and Culture

Schlitz Lipz —  01/18/2012 —  Comments

One of my guilty pleasures is reading articles and books about how our culture is dying, our generation is a clusterfuck, and the world is going to be demolished by nuclear war leaving nothing but the twinkies. [Ed note: Unless bankruptcy beats out a nuclear holocaust.]

I love hearing about how our generation is so selfish that we’re cursed to years and years of nothingness, as is claimed in this article. Or something like that.

And I get it. We are selfish. We are obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves. And drinking Starbucks. And playing with our iPhones. And purchasing record players but not actually owning records.

You won’t find one of these at my house. But you WILL find one of these.

We do these things, it’s true. But you know what?

Every generation has dealt with the older generation being CERTAIN that they would ruin everything. Every generation has role models that can be frowned upon. (I will never consider Marilyn Monroe a GOOD role model for young girls.) Every generation has had its positive [generalized] characteristics and it’s negative [generalized] characteristics.

Our parents didn’t end the world with their mistakes and we won’t either.

Have a little faith, hipsters.

We can do this.

And now, let’s watch a cat video.

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