Rashida Jones discovers her Jewish past; she cries

Chicky —  05/03/2012 —  Comments

Rashida Jones, for some terrible reason, decided to go on the NBC show Who Do You Think You Are?. The point of the show is to creep into famous people’s pasts and discover hidden truths or secrets. For example, if you were the grandson of Thomas Jefferson’s slaves, you’d learn that T.J. was actually your Dad. Rashida probably was forced to do this video beause of some secret clause in her contract. Why else would Rob Lowe, also of Parks and Rec, go onto this show? In this video, Rashida Jones ponders how lucky she is to be alive — as the offspring of slaves on her father’s side, and on her mother’s side they fled before the Holocaust.

Then Rashida Jones tries to sniffle back tears on camera, which must be embarrassing because she is not a reality-tv whore, but a real, live paid actor. Except this is real. And sad.

Will I ever watch that show? Nope, not in a million years it looks boring. Will my heart go on for Rashida? Always.




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