Of course you would have a FM comedy station, Austin TX

Chicky —  11/01/2011 —  Comments

Austin, Texas, the liberal bastion of homosexual Hipster values and baby-killing propagandas, will have an all-comedy FM radio station. Not only is Austin becoming a ‘comedy hotspot’, but they are even willing to devote precious FM space to comedy. Move on over Austin City Limits, because this town is now a comedy town!

A new radio station in Austin, TX called Comedy 102.7 launched and plans to offer round-the-clock comedy content. According to Austin360 programming will include classic stand-up routines from legends such as Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield as well as content from contemporary comedy stars like Ron White and Chelsea Handler. They also plan to feature Austin comics like Shane Mauss and Andy Ritchie.

The station is owned by Emmis Austin Radio and according to vice president Scott Gillmore “it will be an avenue for listeners to discover new comedians, as well as an outlet for the “growing” Austin comedy scene. “We’re excited to bring Comedy 102.7 to Austin – and you’ll want to set a button on your car radio to 102.7,” Emmis Vice President of Programming and operations Chase Rupe said. “Everybody needs a comedy break during the day.” (via Laughspin)

LA was sooo 2010. NYC was sooo 2003. Austin + Hipsters = the new wave of comedy.

What do you think? Is this the future of comedy/radio? Is radio dead? Is ‘internet radio’ the progressive way of the future?



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  1. Keith Kritselis says:

    I’ve been listening to it in the car for about a week… kinda weak.

    Of course it’s only clean material (which limits the funny) and the clips are short enough that longer bits that take a while to build are left out.

    They are also taking most of their clips from comedy albums… and there are a lot of funny comedians with really unfunny albums. Something is lost in the translation.

    I hope they find the right mix, but so far it’s more misses that hits.

    1. Chicky says:

      I always wondered why so many comics come out with comedy albums. Half the point of stand up comedy (if not more, depending on the comic) is the physical expressions and gestures.

      A shame.