Mila Kunis helps nervious BBC interviewer

The Duckman —  03/05/2013 —  Comments

During a recent interview with BBC Radio for her role in the new Wizard of Oz movie – Oz the Great and Powerful, Mila Kunis encountered a nervous interviewer. So nervous, he couldn’t stop talking about himself and his friends. But Mila just went along with it and was perfect. Which is great news for me. Because one day I’m going to interview Mila Kunis (for a better website than this obviously) and I’m going to look like a jackass. But if I talk about all my imaginary friends, she would totally be cool with it. And maybe if I invite her to my stuff animal prom or a kickball game, she would come along! This was better to watch than most interviews I’ve had to sit through. Oh Mila, you’re the bestest!

The Duckman

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