Mayor Bloomberg Wants the Poor to Starve

The Duckman —  03/20/2012 —  Comments

New York City has banned all food donations to the poor. In an article on CBS New York, a donor explains how he can no long give out his extra cholent and bagels to the poor because they are not regulated by the city’s low sodium standards.



Excuse me while I paraphrase. According to Bloomberg, it is more important to worry about what the poor are eating, instead of… you know… having them actually eat. So here is my question. If Bloomberg wants a pure city, one without high sodium and transfat. One that keeps you fit and healthy. Why is cheap, watered down beer still on sale throughout the city? I mean, its been zapped of all nutrients. Makes more people sick, and probably kills more people than high sodium. I mean, what gives. It seems like Bloomberg has some beef with the Morton Salt girl. Like, maybe they had this fling. Or at least he thought it was a fling. But she just ate his heart out. Poor guy. No wonder Mayor Bloomberg became a sodium nazi…

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