Jewgle – Google for Jews

Chicky —  03/25/2010 —  Comments

Have you ever been using Google to search for something and thought to yourself ‘man, I wish there was a more Jewish version of Google to search on’? Neither have I, but a family named the Friedmans have. So they came up with their own search engine called Jewgle.

You can search the things that matter in any Jew’s life: Web, Torah, Talmud, Jews, and Maps. Just beware, because at the end of the day, even Jewgle will nag you about calling your mother. Speaking of which, did you call your mother today? Stop searching and call your mother. Atleast, that’s Jewgle’s motto.



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  1. david yazdian says:

    this site is really awesome. it makes me want to make more money. It’s a jersey thing…

  2. pie says:

    u are a duchbag

    1. The Duckman says:

      I promise that none of us are dutch

      1. poop says:

        i dont no wat a dutch is

    2. poop says:

      that was freakin RUDE!
      are you allowed to use this word: freakin

      1. Chicky says:

        We encourage much worse words. The internets was made for trolling.

        1. poop says:

          wat is trolling?

          1. Bob Lichtenstein says:

            ur an idiot u newb

        2. ass breath steve says:

          Your a shlumpa

    3. howard_u_likeapunch says:

      what the fachmech? thats bullshlacha

  3. mctits says:

    ur al sexy

  4. i love this site!hahahaha jewgle hahahahahahahah its cooler than justin bieber

    1. poop says:

      everything is

  5. ale says:

    hahaahhahah jewwss

  6. jew man says:

    i <3 being a jew its amazing

  7. Hannah says:

    So I totally thought that I just invented Jewgle… only to google it and find out that it was already invented. talk about disappointment :(

  8. JEW FTW says:


  9. LITTLEADOLF says:

    Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Zerstöre alle Juden! This website is Hitlers worst nightmare and was probably why he poped a cap in his face. I’m still waiting for my jew banker to give me all my money back. what a douche

  10. yarden says:

    hello. i love this site. it is awesome(the shiz) hope all you jews have a memorable pesach x

  11. peter says:


  12. HITLERSMATE says:

    hey Jew friends, sieg heil and a happy Hanukkah, love the Nazis, P’S, Frank Cohen was a genius! Holocaust 1977 FUCK YEAH!

  13. hahahahah this website is funny as cows being shot up with airsoft guns

  14. Hello, do you have my pants?

    1. ass breath steve says:

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wear them when im lonely cause im a jew

  15. Hitler says:

    Nein Nein Nein Stop Stop dumm Jazzmusikerin Juden Juden

  16. Thomas says:

    I fap to all you.

  17. Jacob blaze says:

    how do you pick up a jew grilyfrend with a dust pan and a broom

    1. MR,.420 says:

      i remember we went to camp one time and we got really baked

  18. Daddy_Big_Cock 8====D says:

    I like Pizza

  19. MR.420 says:

    pizza tastes better than burnt jews

  20. MR,.420 says:

    8===========================================D ——–

  21. My-dick-grows everday says:

    Jew -_- ^^^

  22. nikki says:

    totally crap

  23. *emma lou* says:

    seriously, this site being a real thing, acctually restores ALOT of faith in humanity.thanks! ;)

  24. Hitler says:

    Tötet alle Juden! Tötet alle Juden! keine Gnade, müssen Sie töten alle Juden!

    1. Hitler says:

      Ich werde dich töten alle Juden den Job zu erledigen, wenn ich brauchen würde, um!