Israel is so Screwed They Are Sending George Costanza to Solve the Middle East Crisis?!?!

Chicky —  10/26/2011 —  Comments

Here is the entire Associated Press article about how dire the Israel-Palestine situation is.

Alexander…was asked by Israeli President Shimon Peres in a meeting on Tuesday for advice on how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Alexander said, that through comedy and humor, he hopes to help advance the idea of two states for two people.

Peres playfully asked the actor if he could call him “George.” Alexander laughed, and pointing to a crowd of reporters, said: “You can. Not them.”

He met with Peres during a visit to the Holy Land with a delegation from OneVoice, an international grassroots group working with mainstream Israelis and Palestinians to encourage peace.

Fucked. Israel is totally fucked. Sending George Costanza to save The Middle East? That’s all the have left? Israel and Palestine have run out of viable options. They have run out of insane shit-out-of-luck A-Team options. Expect the end of the world.

I’m gonna hide in my basement drinking 40s and cowering in fear from the overgrown house centipedes until this all blows over.

(Via Laughspin)



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