How many Rabbis does it take to screw Glenn Beck

The Duckman —  01/27/2011 —  Comments

While checking on my many stocks in the Wall Street Journal this morning, I happened to come across an ad for the sanctioning of Mr. Glenn Beck. Apparently Glenn Beck has been talking shit on holocaust survivors and dropping the H-bomb at any moment he thinks necessary. Which comes out to about 30 times a day.

Being that today is U.N. Holocaust Remembrance Day, these 400 left wing rabbis found it fit to describe their displeasure to Rupert Murdoch through one of his many fine and dying newspapers. Apparently Beck has said a lot of stupid shit in his time. who would have guessed? I just heard about him last week.

The Rabbis also took aim at Roger Ailes. Although, not because Roger Ailes is a huge asshole. After some of these Rabbis took note of Beck’s anti-semitic attacks on George Soros, Ailes stated “left-wing rabbis who basically don’t think that anybody can ever use the word, Holocaust, on the air.” Nothing wrong with that, right?

Fox News responded to the Rabbis by claiming this is all just a big a big left wing conspiracy that Glenn Beck has been stating this entire time. That’s a half court shot for Fox News. All net.

There was also a statement made by Beck stating that he isn’t an anti-semite because of a documentary he made on Iran. He went on to say something about how he hates all religions, beliefs, and skin colors other than white Mormons, but was cut off.

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  1. Chicky says:

    My favorite part was when the professor of Holocaust studies called out Glenn Beck on saying anti-Semitic things. It’s good Glenn doesn’t trust or believe knowledgeable professors who spend their life studying one specific subject.

    Do you know who else didn’t trust professors or people who went to college and were ‘elitist’? Hitler. If only that was a joke.