HJS @ SXSW 2013 – The Israelis

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Avi Avital

What a mensch Avi Avital is, the perfect man to start off out long list of SXSW 2013 – The Israelis (of course not including the HJ rappers of SXSW 2013, which you can find here.) Avi is a world renowned mandolinist. Here he is playing for NPR Tiny Desk Series. Try not to shed a tear for the old country. He’ll be playing March 13th at St David’s Bethell Hall, and is the only HJ classical musician we know about.


Are you into international metal music? Do you need an Israeli metal group to round out your list? Then Betzefer will solve it for you. Metal. Yeah. That’s all I’ve got, I know shit about metal.

Ester Rada

Ethiopian, Israeli and a mix of an eclectic fusion of music, coupled with a strong voice, makes Ester Rada quite the musical medley. I always say that Judaism is severely underrepresented by color, and here’s your chance to catch a very talented singer. Catch Ester at The Stage On Sixth Patio on March 16th.

Maya Isacowitz

Maya is a singer-songwriter in the mid-90s vein. Yes. She can be the Jewish Kibbutz-raised Alanis Morisette or Celine Deon or Jewel or whoever else was around in the 90s making emotional pop music. I just wanted to make an annoying ‘the Jewish ____’ comparison because it’s been a while since I’ve made one of those. But seriously, Maya Isacowitz’s voice is powerful and beautiful and her songs make me want to cry. Grrrrlll power!

Sarai Givaty

You may have seen Sarai Givaty before. On a magazine cover. Maxim. But she’s not just a hot Israeli model. She’s an Israeli actress in the show Pilot’s Wives. Oh, AND she’s a musician. Pretty much ‘the whole package’, to speak in the parlance of our times.

Rona Kenan

Rona Kenan is the third female singer/songwriter coming out of Israel. She has more of a Beatles’ folk influence to her music. The early 70s groove.

Kol Dodi w. Mika Karni

Kol Dodi is as Israeli of a band as you could imagine. All you need is to form a group full of Moroccan, Yemenite and Ethiopian Israeli Jews, and you have Kol Dodi. Prrrractically every Jewish group you can think of. Throw in Mika Karni, Shir Hashirim (song of songs) and it’s a fucking date. Catch them on March 13th @ 217 Congress Ave.

Ensemble Yaman

Ensemble Yaman is a group of Israeli musicians trying to revive and celebrate Jewish Yemenite music. Here’s a song below!

Zvuloon Dub System

“Zvuloon Dub System, Israel’s leading World-Reggae band, emerges from a multicultural middle-eastern music scene, singing in English and Amharic.”

Weed is a universal love, man. Zvuloon Dub System is for the Jewish stoners. Here’s them playing an appropriate – titled song, Going to Zion.



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