Mad Cow Disease Wasn’t Bad Enough: Europeans Eat Questionable Meat Again

Schlitz Lipz —  02/26/2013 —  Comments


Seriously now.

Could this please stop happening?

When I’m eating a form of meat, I expect to actually be eating the form of meat I think I’m eating. I don’t want to be eating some four-legged horsey baby when I think I’m eating a doe-eyed cow baby.  Or a lil big-earred donkey when I think I’m eating a fluffy, clucky chicken.

There’s this growing trend in crappy places to eat across the world of replacing the meat you think you’re chowing down on with some farm animal that usually pulls things in a cart.

Hey cute baby donkey, you’re next

In Tesco shops in the United Kingdom it was discovered that their burgers had traces of Irish horse meat. Did Mad Cow Disease have no effect on you, Europe? Rethink yourself.

In South Africa, more than two thirds of meat products tested contained undeclared ingredients like water buffalo, donkey, and goat.  Come on now, South Africa  That’s distasteful.

Is Adonai teaching us a lesson about kashrut? Is every vegan/vegetarian person you know rubbing this in?

I just want meat to be meat again. heheh that’s what she said


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