Emily Dickinson poems as angsty indie rock songs

Chicky —  06/11/2012 —  Comments

People who know me know how much I love Emily Dickinson. Not just because of her poetic prowess, or her obvious good looks. I love Emily Dickinson because in a certain poem she hinted to our future marriage. I’m not going to tell you which one, but I will tell you that there was no question she was speaking about her undying love to me. What am I trying to get at? Emily Dickinson is a time traveler who didn’t actually die and will meet me in Time Square in 2015. Then we will spend out lives as time-traveling doctors, saving the world and maybe stopping Hitler (if Emily is into that sort of thing).

The point is that Anova Studios in Tel Aviv has produced several songs with Efrat Ben Zur (In the video below-does she look a little Anne-Frank to you? Hawt.) to play Emily Dickinson poems as beautiful songs. Although I can’t speak for Emily (she hasn’t contacted me yet), when I do see her I will ask her what she thinks about this video. I think she will be pleased, and then maybe she will tell me about the lesbian encounter she had with Anne Frank that is currently just in my fantasies.

Now if you will excuse me, Nicolas Cage and I need to help the North win the Civil War by sucking the blood out of those Southern rebels.




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