Darth Vader is probably Jewish (not black)

Chicky —  03/23/2012 —  Comments

Conspiracy theories abound! Darth Vader is NOT the epitome of African Americans (as they would have you believe in Chasing Amy). Nah. Darth Vader is a bonified, glorified Mensch. If you believe the picture below is real and original,

Which leads us to wonder? Was he hiding as a Sith during the Clone Wars so that nobody would uncover his Drewish identity?

Supposedly, if you believe in the Hebrew language and that everything that comes out of Hollywood is predominantly Jewish, then you should also believe that these are the words emblazoned on Vader’s chestplate: (Translation) His deed will not be forgiven until he merits.

Literally Vader’s life story.

We COULD get philosophical here, and talk about how many Vader was God, Luke was the ‘Chosen people’, and that God can sin. That God will not be forgiven until bad things stop happening to the Jews (never). Or that he allows them to not feel forever persecuted (maybe). Only Hashem knows.

Next I’ll be waiting for people to prove that light sabers are just 2 parts of the Torah scroll.

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  1. Akiva W says:

    Your source hat tip is not linking back to original source…
    original is here:
    which has a downloadable font for your use…

    1. The Duckman says:

      You constantly holding information without telling us?