China loves their Nazi regalia and fashion

Chicky —  04/27/2012 —  Comments

In America, people wear Nazi regalia for 2 reasons: 1) They are white supremacists. 2) They have no limits to irony. In China, they do it for an entirely different reason: Nazi clothing and Nazi-inspired clothing is chic and has no real meaning. And unlike their former communist brethren to the north, China doesn’t have much history with Nazi Germany. They enjoy all the fun with none of the guilt.

Don’t believe me? Some guy on a website showed off some of the top Nazi gear sold on a top Chinese website. This confuses me because I thought only the West uses the internet to buy things, and the East only uses the internet to sell me things. Huh. Moving on.

First we have some Nazi iPhone cases. For the person who wants the world to know that they are a diehard Apple supporter and a diehard white people supporter:

This one is for the Chinese Hipster who wants people to know that he prefers the simple and austere over the gaudy.

They even sell Hitler action figures! In a non-ironic sort of way! Just like J.I. Joe!

J.I. Joe? Meet Hitler. May the best man win (Joe).

Finally, we have the clothing. The true fashion. The type of clothes, that if not for Nazis and all the hatred they were, would actually…well…if I have to say one nice thing about Nazis, it’s that they knew how to dress. Someone studied the psychology of fashion. I said it Mom, okay! Don’t scold me! Gosh!


For the embarrassed Hipster who only wants people ‘in the fold’ to know the shady fashion origins.

There you have it. Nazi fashion. Non-ironic. Non-hateful. Just weird and foreign.

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  1. 骑士1431 says:

    Hi,everyone ,I am from China.

    1. The Duckman says:

      We’re blocked in China so youre obviously a troll