Chai-yok is not Tai Chi

Happy the Tax Unicorn —  02/08/2011 —  Comments

When your parents send you a check every month as large as mine do, it takes a special effort to spend enough to keep up an appearance of poverty.  The ancient Korean folk remedy of chai-yok, whose origins are as mystical as they are expensive, has helped me solve this problem.  Treatments cost between $20 and $75 per session.  Primarily aimed at women, the treatment is also gaining traction among certain men.  (I go four times a week, it’s great.)  Chai-yok is the practice of sitting on an open-seated stool above a pot of boiling water containing wormword, Taco Bell’s spicy sauce, and mugwort. The LA Times reports that practitioners of chai-yok claim it fights hemorrhoids, reduces stress, and improves fertility among a host of other benefits.

Western medicine men (the so-called “doctors”) are skeptical to say the least.  “I just don’t understand physiologically how putting steam up the vagina is going to change your fertility or help you relieve stress,” says Dr. Laura Riley, director of labor and delivery at Massachusetts General in Boston when interviewed by MSNBC, “…steam itself in the vagina doesn’t make any sense for me. It’s not like it’s going to blow up some closed tube… I’d be…concerned about burning my vagina. That’s a very sensitive area.”

Give it a try, it’s some great stuff.  Thanks to chai-yok, my prostatitis is cured.  Hurray!  On a completely unrelated note, I must now go and ice my balls.

Poll for “fun” and “amusement”

Could the young woman in this youtube video benefit from chai-yok?

Yes, I think she is an ideal candidate.

Is that Sarah Palin?

No, she can’t grasp the delicate subtleties of steam in the vag.

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