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Weird Al’s new, and possibly final album, Mandatory Fun, is set to be released TOMORROW! To celebrate, he will be releasing a new video every day this week. The first one to come out is Tacky, a star filled spoof on Pharrell’s Happy. Although Weird Al has stated that this is his last album, I am sure this isn’t the last we will see of him. I think he understand how important he is in making 14 year old boys and myself smile and laugh.

Haim is back with a new video for If I Could Change Your Mind. And it’s great. Which is perfect since they’ve been hyping IICCYM on facebook since the beginning of time. Or last week. Whichever. Just get ready for this dance-a-licious music video to be turned into 1000 gifs.

Chromeo is straight love-making. Another great song, another sexy video. WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD I DON’T UNDERSTAND I just wanna be them.

Nothing beats a video about a guy that has a hard-on for mannequins.


Are you in an indie band? Don’t make a music video. Don’t even try. If you make a Kickstarter for your video, I won’t donate money. Because I’m a dick, and also because you will not be able to top two new music videos, one by Bob Dylan and one by Pharrell.

Dylan’s video plays ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ on an internet TV screen. It’s Rolling Stone land 24/7, with real TV personalities edited to look like the characters are singing the lyrics. It’s ridiculous.

But then Pharrell came out later last week, and it fucking blew the lid off of ‘Best Music Video on Internet Ever’. It’s a continuous 24-hour music video for his song ‘Happy‘, where different people dance for 4 minutes each, at different parts of the day. It feels continuous, and is mindbogglingly mesmerizing. Watch it sober, high, drunk, sad, happy, lonely, it’ll be a wonderful waste of your time regardless.

A Hipster Jew favorite person, Alex Bleeker, of Alex Bleeker & The Freaks, released a really excellent music video today for the song “Step Right Up”. (Also, Alex Bleeker is in Real Estate. Read our interview with him here) This song is off of this year’s “How Far Away” released on Woodsist. The video shows Mr. Bleeker strolling around before a Phish concert with other hipster Jews including Alex Steinberg, guitarist for the band. He stated that “It is my opinion that Phish has the most enthusiastic concert-going music fans in the world. The choice to shoot this video in the parking lot of one of their shows this summer was simple. This was the only large crowd I could think of that would lovingly embrace and interact with a man in an antler helmet without a moment’s pause.”

If you’ve got the November blues then turn up this song, watch the video, and drift off into Alex Bleeker’s perfectly innocent and goofy world. Video directed by Richard Law.

I am not against cliches if they’re done well. Execution and sticking the landing count in my book, and can overcome a lot in terms of subject matter and narrative devices both novel and trite. So let’s use that as the explanation for why I’m praising a video where hipsters are likened to zombies culturally, then literally and eviscerated lyrically, then physically.

The case for the hipster-as-zombie is cliche but irresistible simply because no one can stop themselves from pointing out any hypocrisy, large or small; and any subculture that dares to act differently will unfortunately turn out to be acting differently all the same way. Hipsters are an easy target for this, we’re all going to farmer’s markets and getting sloppy on PBR and listening to boring indie pop that features a banjo and musical saw for no real reason, right? So we must be zombies. And the spread of hipster culture must be stamped out, like an outbreak from the nearest cemetery.

So here’s Watsky’s take on the Pitchfork/American Apparel crowd. Avoid rolling your eyes long enough to realize that once the mic is dropped, the shotgun will be picked up. Logan Square is full to the brim, and the next in line to fall is Garfield Park. Are you going to do anything about it, or are you going to let those filthy hipsters get your neighborhood next?

And props for using the best kind of zombie: the real one, from a grave, that walks stiff and slow with jacked up body parts. “Viral” zombies that move fast are bullshit.

This Haim video, is like everything this sisters is doing, amazing. Jorma Taccone, of Lonely Island and Girls fame, stars. The best part is that Jorma is a weepy ex boyfriend who spends half the video crying from frame to frame. Sigh. Maybe one day I can see Haim in the flesh. One day.


Just another funny music video with actors and comedians and musicians being ridiculous. A great song and great music video. I’m not saying I have a gay fantasy to be the third in a Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr train….but clearly.

Hebronix, the frontman of Yuck’s Daniel Blumberg has produced an amazing new single, ‘Viral‘. The album comes out 7/9. God damned do those Brits know how to rock. Definitely buying this bad boy.

Our favorite South African freaks are back with a mildly NSFW music video, which is nothing new for Die Antwoord. The video is about an orphan (Yo-Landi) who dances in her underwear and falls in love with a bad boy. And then the 4 minute mark happens. And I can’t stop laughing after that. Ironically, I almost peed on the floor.