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Let’s take a moment out of our day to discuss current queen of all things ass, Nicki Minaj (Miley Cyrus get the fuck out). She catapulted into the center of pop culture after a guest verse on biggest hipster in the world Kanye’s “Monster,” and has been there more or less ever since, reminding us that she has a big butt by talking about it non-stop. And by shaking it a whole lot in every music video she does. Sometimes she raps in weird voices, but mostly she just shakes her ass and talks about the pros and cons of having lots of booty.

This really wouldn’t be of any concern to us at Hipster Jew normally. We’re content to stay in our corner, which is talking about hipster garbage, and ridiculing anyone caught making a Hitler reference or people that get outed wearing SS uniforms for Halloween. So we really don’t care about Nicki Min–


Oh! Oh. Okay. I guess we’re going there.

So here we have a music video director taking a song about sex, and transforming it into some odd amalgamation of hip hop meets “Triumph of the Will.” I assume he had free reign to make the video however he wanted, after all, only artists are so obsessed with form and style that they would take a film like “Triumph” and admire it, get inspired by it, and then slavishly imitate it, while wholly disregarding the context. it’s something a film student would do after smoking a shitload of weed and then deciding to model his final project after a Reifenstahl piece.

But the degree of replacement imagery that’s in the video leads me to think that the director did this with full knowledge of the context. The whole thing: Nicki’s bent over ass pose replacing the Nazi eagle, Chris Brown as the surrogate Mussolini right hand man, the Young Money logo redesigned to take the place of the swastika, all calculated for clicks and pageviews. The whole thing is asking for a Twitter shitstorm, and since the director is retweeting but not talking to or engaging the people talking about it, it’s going to get one. And now even a small blog like HipsterJew is talking about it. Mission Accomplished.

Here’s the only part I don’t get though: Why is Drake the Pope? It feels tacked on. You couldn’t make him Goering or someone? Just… it doesn’t fit. I like my Third Reich tributes to be professional, you know? Shoehorning the Pope in to make some sort of tangential point reeks of amateurism.

Afroman is back to tell you why he is now getting high! No longer because he missed work, or because he has a messy room, or child support to pay. But because anxiety and glaucoma are a bitch. Also booze and ciggs are so much worse than some THC. Seriously. Look how happy Afroman is riding around on a couch. His eyes can’t even open. Dude is living life.


Of course, like anything good in this world, this is just an advertisement. Afroman is trying to get you to use a weed map and support a group that is trying to get weed legalized. But you know what, we totally agree with form of selling out!

If you don’t remember listening to the original song, I’ll assume it’s because you were too high between 2001 and today. You can listen to a censored version on youtube.

//Rolling Stone

Have you ever been up on stage performing, but had to take a wicked piss. So wicked that you just have to do it mid song? Action Bronson did. Or at least pretended to. During his set at Ottawa Bluesfest, Action Bronson walked down to the port-o-potty whipped out his mic and continued with his song “Shiraz”. I wish more performers would be so open about their their urine various bowel movements.

// Death and Taxes

Weird Al’s new, and possibly final album, Mandatory Fun, is set to be released TOMORROW! To celebrate, he will be releasing a new video every day this week. The first one to come out is Tacky, a star filled spoof on Pharrell’s Happy. Although Weird Al has stated that this is his last album, I am sure this isn’t the last we will see of him. I think he understand how important he is in making 14 year old boys and myself smile and laugh.

Vanessa Bayer, better known by most of you as Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy from SNL, asks all the tough questions to our favorite ladies Haim.

“So what does Haim mean in Hebrew? Let me guess—’she who parts hair in the middle’?”

In 2012, after the death of Adam Yauch, illustrator Derek Langille decided to pay tribute to MCA by drawing a 7 page comic book based on the music video for Sabotage. Download the entire 7 page comic here!


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This past Friday, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed at a secret show in Seattle. Everything seemed to be going well. The crowd was into it. But then photos started to surface. And the more people look at Macklemore, the more they realized how much he looks like an anti-semitic Jewish caricature.


And it’s true! He does! But instead of making hilarious insults about Macklemore (see above) we should first be asking a question: Is Macklemore anti-semitic? I think the answer is clearly no. The guy is just extremely stupid, as pointed out by gawker. Of course he wouldn’t know that a fake wig, beard and big nose didn’t equal an anti-semitic Jewish caricature. He just isn’t bright enough to see that. He also is so shoved up his own ass that he would never think about anyone else but himself. Just think about the whole Grammy incident. Texting someone and then posting your private convo on twitter? Wack as fuck.

Anyways. Macklemore isn’t an anti-semite. He’s just stupid.

Last night Real Estate made their network debut! They played “Talking Backwards” off of their new album Atlas on Letterman!

Check out our interview with Alex Bleeker of Real Estate / Alex Bleeker and the Freaks


Our favorite Rhode Island band, Roz and the Rice Cakes, have come out with a new album titled Need To Feed (produced by Low Anthem). Some of you were wonderful enough to support this new album and helped overfund it. For those that didn’t, you should still check out Need To Feed on their bandcamp page.

To start off, I think the entire album is great, probably their best work yet (and that means a lot considering we loved their past albums), I absolutely love the title track “Need To Feed.” I can clearly picture this song being played during one of the many, many times I’ve been able to see The Rice Cakes perform at Firehouse 13. It’s a song that seems to fit perfectly with this band, yet seems different from their previous work. Most of the tracks on this album feels like a healthy departure from their earlier work. They’re able to walk the line of being bit darker and a bit lighter on the same track. “Simile Like Me” takes this a bit further. It’s nothing I ever expected The Rice Cakes to make, and I absolutely love it.

Available on Itunes


Record Store Day will be on Passover this year (4/19). I have to ask, What makes this Record Store Day different from all other Record Store Days? Well, I’ll probably be in New York so I can actually participate. For once. So here is my list of records I want to buy. Full list can be found here! All donations towards the purchase of these records will be accepted.

Sam Cooke – Ain’t That Good News

The Cure/Dinosaur Jr. – Side By Side Series

Deer Tick – Eel Bowel

Haim – Forever

Chuck Inglish & Chromeo – Legs

Hamilton Leithauser – Alexandra b/w In the Shadows

Man Man – The Man in Turban With Blue Face

Of Montreal – Satanic Panic 10th Anniversary

Otis Redding – Pain In My Heart

LCD Soundsystem – The Long Goodbye (LCD Soundsystem Live At Madison Square Garden)

School of Seven Bells – Put Your Sad Down

Sun Ra – Outer Spaceware