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What if Jerry was a techie? What if Elaine worked at a coffee shop? What if Kramer sat around his condo all day long while drying up his trust fund? What if George got a YOLO tattoo?

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Mila Kunis is preggers, which is sad, because everyone wanted to be the one to knock her up. Everything about her is awesome.

Really, though, I’m just realizing how you can never tell a Jewish woman that she has a ‘bun in the oven’. I know it’s just an idiom, but it’s definitely the type of slang that should never be used around Jewish women. In case you haven’t figured it out, Holocaust.

You can say she’s ‘preggers’, ‘knocked up’, ‘drinking for two’ (Is this okay to say if she’s Irish?), or ‘in the family way’ (Is this okay to say if she’s from the South? Or Hassidic?)

At the end of the day the ones with the preggo fetishes always win, so congrats you weirdos!

On Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Josh Gondelman takes the new Hipster Republican to task with jokes! About hipsters! I assume we’re going to see a few more of these types of videos so why not publish them all in one happy place:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: GOP – Hashtag Awesomesauce (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: GOP – Whatevs (HBO)

Living during the coldest northern winter in recent memory, I can appreciate the crazy assholes that live in Fargo. Or atleast, live in a fictionalized Fargo. Living in below-zero temperatures for too many days makes everyone go insane, with drunken alcohol or cold, empty, loneliness. That scene in Fargo where Steve Buscemi is burying money and he falls in the snow only wearing a wool coat? That must have sucked.

Once, in a snowstorm, I watched Fargo with my roommates and didn’t murder them all a la The Shining. That was a cool time.

Anyhow, the moral of this post is that the new Fargo TV series doesn’t look bad, and it seems like it’s got a similar feel, what with the murder and the hokey North Dakotans and the famous actors. I’d love if they made this into a mini series like True Detective, but we can’t always get everything perfect.

While on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Seth Rogen who he smoked with. And… well… I’m actually surprised at some of these answers.

James Franco: No! He doesn’t smoke!
Dave Franco: Probably
Paul Rudd: Of course
Sarah Silverman: Of course
Snoop Dogg: Of course
Barbara Streisand: Even though they want cross country together, nope.
Jonah Hill: Of course.
Willie Nelson: Not yet at least… Andy Cohen did though.
The writers of Hipster Jew: Soon? Hopefully?

Jason Bateman was on the Daily Show to promote his new movie, Bad Words, when he started talking about Yiddish and his first Passover Seder. Of course Jon Stewart had fun with this. The best part has to be when the seder plate came out and Bateman thought they were about to play a game. Goyim, amiright?


Two of our favorite girls, Ilana and Abbi, have the thumbs up to make a second season of Broad City according to AV Club. I shouldn’t have to tell you that Broad City is one of the best shows on TV, never mind Comedy Central. I couldn’t be more excited to hear that we will be #blessed with more episodes. Congrats BBs!


I’m not fat, I’m big boned.

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Set your DVR’s. Lena Dunham will be hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest The National on March 8th. Oddly enough, it will also be The National’s first time on SNL too. I think this deserves a hipster jew shehecheyanu blessing.

There is a new Seinfeld parody that you never asked for called Mario Seinfeld and it’s exactly what you would expect it to be… Perfect. Considering most Mario plots are about nothing, it’s really simple to add in the Seinfeld element to it. I mean, do we really know why the Princess is kidnapped by Bowser so often? Did the dialog in Paper Mario actually have anything to add to the story line? No. It’s all garbage and fluff. This minute and a half could have easily been the opening to Mario 64, and I would have understood why I was trying to collect 120 stars in paintings.

The characters also fit pretty well.

Mario as Jerry
Luigi as Kramer
Toad as George
Peach as Elaine
Bowser as Newman

I would like to see more episodes of this show. Because we all know its better than that cartoon crap they put out in the 90′s.