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Tom Hanks was hanging out at Justin Bieber’s manager’s wedding. Just standing there on the dance floor. Most likely drunk as a skunk. With a shawl wrapped around his neck. A yarmulke on his head. Singing “This is How We Do It.” If my bubbe was still alive today she would be kvelling.

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If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s finding small little Jewish pop culture tidbits on TV shows that no one else notices (or notices 2 years later). Well, after going through the entire Orange is the New Black season this past weekend, I noticed that Alex Vause (Laura Prepon aka Donna Pinciotti from That 70′s Show) was reading Leah Vincent’s Cut Me Loose. Cut Me Loose is a story about Vincent’s path out of Ultra Orthodox Judaism and into secular society.

Admittingly, I haven’t read the entire book, only excerpts. But from what I’ve read, I can totally understand why Alex Vause would read this book alone on her couch waiting for (deleted for spoilers). But I can’t understand why Scientologist Laura Prepon would read Cut Me Loose. Maybe it’s a cry for help to get out of the Tom Cruise’s cult? JK

Seth Rogen is always doing nice things. Sometimes he promotes Alzheimer research. Sometimes he acts in movies. Sometimes he gets high with Snoop Dogg and discusses Game of Thrones. Is this not every person’s dream? If it’s not your dream, I probably don’t want to be friends with you.

Can some Jewish organization that does lots of boring things give out a National Jewish Treasure Award? And can Seth Rogen win for 5 years straight?

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we screw up at work. Sometimes we are hurtful. Sometimes we say mean things to people without thinking about the consequences. What separates a good person from a terrible person is how they react to those situations. Are you going to blame your coworker, society, your parents, or yourself?

Jonah Hill was recently caught telling a paparazzi parasite to “suck my dick, faggot.” Instead of pulling an Alec Baldwin and telling the public to go fuck themselves too, Hill has been going around to various talk shows and radio shows apologizing for his remarks. He blames no one but himself. He takes all of the responsibility of his words and how they may have hurt some people.

He went on Howard Stern, Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America this week to talk about his new movie 22 Jump Street, but instead addressed his previous remarks.

For all that he has done the past few days, I feel inspired by all that he has done. I mean, he was being harassed by these paparazzi were acting like such assholes that TMZ decided to even mention that they were not on their staff. But he didn’t use that as an excuse. He went out there and apologized for what he said. We need more Jonah Hills in this world.

Well everyone’s favorite Jewish summer camp is coming back! After years of rumors about a sequel or prequel movie, after learning that everyone is willing to shoot the movie for next to little money (so many famous actors and actresses!), except for Bradley Cooper who’s probably a dick in real life, it seems Netflix may actually make a 9-episode prequel series!

Let me just say, I am a little nervous. After seeing the ‘meh’ that was Arrested Development on Netflix, I’m worried that director David Wain (of the State) may make a slower, less-ridiculous version of his original masterpiece.

But who knows! Maybe after 14 years of directing other projects, all David wants to do is get back to his roots, his summer camp roots, and rehash a bunch of adolescent teens masturbating and having Kosher sex.



Smut peddlers WoodRocket almost gave us exactly what we wanted: a porn parody of The Royal Tenenbaums featuring Stoya and James Deen called “The Royal Tenendongs“. Unfortunately this is just a risque photoshoot involving two porn stars dressed as The Royal Tenenbaums. No real action here, people. But the idea is spot on. I really want to see this produced into a film. Why isn’t this a film?

More photos NSFW here

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H. Jon Benjamin has been asked at least twice in his career to voice inanimate objects (to at least my knowledge). The first being a can of mixed vegetables in Wet Hot American Summer. And now he was asked to dub HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

His voice is so silky soft I want it following me around at all times.

Sarah Silverman has been featured in a new textbook! She is part of an example of how certain words can be vague and ambiguous. Sarah Silverman is offensive. A football player blocking the quarterback is offensive! Wow! Great job textbook!


I don’t think Sarah minds though. She is offensive to many. Most people don’t like her style of comedy. I for one am in love with her/it. While there could have been some better examples, I’m pretty sure I would have done more of my coursework if Sarah Silverman was featured in my textbooks.

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Oh Hai James Franco

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James Franco is rumored to be playing Tommy Wiseau in the upcoming movie “The Disaster Artist,” a movie based on a book about Greg Sestro’s experiences working on “The Room.” For those who are not familiar with “The Room,” it is said to be one of the worst movies ever. So bad that it’s so funny. There are so many small, terrible moments in the movie that make it magnificent. Franco will be playing the man who wrote and starred in the movie, Tommy. They both kind of look the same in a weird, putty face way. And they both are super weird, so this should work out well. I really hope that for some reason they remake my favorite scene:

When People Die They Sing Songs from Olga Lvoff on Vimeo.

When People Die They Sings Songs was nominated for a Student Oscar(!!!) and Olga Lvoff needs some support in releasing her documentary. So we are looking to you, wonderful Hipster Jew readers to help out! Check out her Indiegogo Campaign and send over a few bills.

“When People Die They Sing Songs” is a story of mother and daughter who resolve to uncover their wartime past buried half a century ago. After suffering a stroke, 93-year-old Holocaust survivor Regina is getting music therapy. Accompanied by a music therapist, Regina sings Yiddish and French songs of her youth. Her daughter Sonia is with her at every session. This revitalizes their mother-daughter relationship and emboldens them to revisit their past. With Regina’s help, Sonia tries to capture their family story. The past they were so eager to forget they are now anxious to remember. But Regina’s memory is rapidly succumbing to dementia.