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Last night Real Estate made their network debut! They played “Talking Backwards” off of their new album Atlas on Letterman!

Check out our interview with Alex Bleeker of Real Estate / Alex Bleeker and the Freaks


Our favorite Rhode Island band, Roz and the Rice Cakes, have come out with a new album titled Need To Feed (produced by Low Anthem). Some of you were wonderful enough to support this new album and helped overfund it. For those that didn’t, you should still check out Need To Feed on their bandcamp page.

To start off, I think the entire album is great, probably their best work yet (and that means a lot considering we loved their past albums), I absolutely love the title track “Need To Feed.” I can clearly picture this song being played during one of the many, many times I’ve been able to see The Rice Cakes perform at Firehouse 13. It’s a song that seems to fit perfectly with this band, yet seems different from their previous work. Most of the tracks on this album feels like a healthy departure from their earlier work. They’re able to walk the line of being bit darker and a bit lighter on the same track. “Simile Like Me” takes this a bit further. It’s nothing I ever expected The Rice Cakes to make, and I absolutely love it.

In the meantime, if you live in the North East, check out one of their upcoming shows.

apr 11 @ New Brunswick, NJ @ Candy Barrel w/ Party Cops, City Limits, Sea Creature, Terrible Terrible


apr 18 @ New London, CT / 33 Golden w/ King Sickabilly

apr 19 @ Philadelphia, PA / The Bubble Bowl

apr 25 @ New Paltz, NY / QUINNS

Billy on the Street didn’t need to hand out dollars to understand that everyone wants to have sex with Paul Rudd. In fact, I’m sure you’d pay good money to have sex with Paul Rudd. I mean, who doesn’t want to have sex with Paul Rudd? He was so dreamy in Wet Hot American Summer. Actually he is dreamy in everything he’s ever done. Even this Funny or Die video.

Make love to me Paul Rudd.


What if Jerry was a techie? What if Elaine worked at a coffee shop? What if Kramer sat around his condo all day long while drying up his trust fund? What if George got a YOLO tattoo?

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On Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Josh Gondelman takes the new Hipster Republican to task with jokes! About hipsters! I assume we’re going to see a few more of these types of videos so why not publish them all in one happy place:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: GOP – Hashtag Awesomesauce (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: GOP – Whatevs (HBO)


I finally found some time to start editing my photos. I started uploading them all to Flickr. So if you’re looking for more photos of my journey, you can always get a sneak peak stalking me on Flickr. Today we will complete the first quarter of my trip. Ironically I was just in New Orleans and have a ton of new photos. So as a reminder, this is from my road trip this past summer (2k13). Check out my previous posts Days 1-5 Days 6-10.

Day 11: New Orleans


I had to wait for my car to be fixed. I can’t go anywhere until the windshield wipers work again. So I spent the entire day lounging, working, and binging on candy from a CVS 6 blocks away. The longest 6 blocks I have ever walked.

Day 12: New Orleans


It’s tough not having a car and wanting to explore New Orleans. At the same time, I’ve been enjoying the amount of free time I have. After a long stressful 7 days straight driving, it feels pretty good to do nothing all day for a few days. All I do is just sit on a couch in front of a fan and eat pralines (aka get diabetes). In between nothingness, Mikvah and Will are nice enough to take me around on a few of their errands.

Day 13: New Orleans // Houston

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Record Store Day will be on Passover this year (4/19). I have to ask, What makes this Record Store Day different from all other Record Store Days? Well, I’ll probably be in New York so I can actually participate. For once. So here is my list of records I want to buy. Full list can be found here! All donations towards the purchase of these records will be accepted.

Sam Cooke – Ain’t That Good News

The Cure/Dinosaur Jr. – Side By Side Series

Deer Tick – Eel Bowel

Haim – Forever

Chuck Inglish & Chromeo – Legs

Hamilton Leithauser – Alexandra b/w In the Shadows

Man Man – The Man in Turban With Blue Face

Of Montreal – Satanic Panic 10th Anniversary

Otis Redding – Pain In My Heart

LCD Soundsystem – The Long Goodbye (LCD Soundsystem Live At Madison Square Garden)

School of Seven Bells – Put Your Sad Down

Sun Ra – Outer Spaceware

The Republicans were jealous that Obama has a hipster, but they don’t. So they found a new Warby Parker wearing hipster to shell out terrible viral ideas to the rich trust fund masses. His name is Scott Greenberg and he has a pile of bullshit to spew.

Scott is upset at politicians who want “regulation” but won’t really discuss what that means.

Scott also likes energy. Like all of it. Especially the one where robots use humans to power their grid system. Like in the Matrix. Scott is pro matrix. Like Whatever.

While on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Seth Rogen who he smoked with. And… well… I’m actually surprised at some of these answers.

James Franco: No! He doesn’t smoke!
Dave Franco: Probably
Paul Rudd: Of course
Sarah Silverman: Of course
Snoop Dogg: Of course
Barbara Streisand: Even though they want cross country together, nope.
Jonah Hill: Of course.
Willie Nelson: Not yet at least… Andy Cohen did though.
The writers of Hipster Jew: Soon? Hopefully?

Jason Bateman was on the Daily Show to promote his new movie, Bad Words, when he started talking about Yiddish and his first Passover Seder. Of course Jon Stewart had fun with this. The best part has to be when the seder plate came out and Bateman thought they were about to play a game. Goyim, amiright?