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Did you think cross-stitching was just for ladies living in castles in the 1600s? Me too!

Or is that embroidery? Quilting? Knitting? I don’t know.  It’s one of those things for those possessing hand-eye coordination.

Well, you (and I) were wrong. Cross-stitching isn’t just for princesses and ladies-in-waiting. Hip post-grads do it too. They do spunky cross-stitching that involves pop culture references and snide remarks! Which, in hindsight, might be my favorite sort of cross-stitching.

I’ll let the images do the talking and stop rambling. For once.


You can follow the lovely ladies who create these beautiful works of art on the Instagram (@crossstitchwitches) or even the Tumblr ( And then you can buy their affordable yet incredibly well-made items on the Etsy. Want something commissioned? Send them a sweet lil email at crossstitchwitches [at]

I know what all of my Christmas presents are going to be. And Hannukah. Both holidays… with just a dash of Kwanza for politically correctness.

As humans, it is our right to marry whomever the heck we want. If the other person also wants to marry us. Except the gays, because that stuff is icky.

Sometimes it’s tough in the dating world because though are many fish in the sea, those bastards are slippery. But never fear, Jews-seeking-Jews, if you’re having trouble finding that special someone, or you’re just really tired of Jdate, it might be time to consider a matchmaker. The New York Times recently ran an article about a women named Tova Weinberg who has matched about 250 young Jewish couples in person and also runs a dating website,

Tova Weinberg

Dr. Tova Weinberg, Former Dentist and Current Matchmaker

Tova had this to say about why she began pursuing her calling: “There was so much intermarriage in Pittsburgh, I felt I had to do something. I started talking to all these women’s organizations, I said. ‘Listen, I have men! My husband knows all these residents and interns. Give me your daughters, I have the boys!’ ”

Come on Tova, what’s so wrong with intermarriage? If ANYTHING, it’s better for the Jew species. Where has intermarriage gotten us, Jews? Respiratory problems, tay Sachs, Parkinson’s? There’s a whole list of diseases Ashkenazim are more prone to because that’s what happens when everyone decides to shtup their cousins. If you want to marry a Jew because you are an elitist for religious reasons, marry a Sephardic Jew because at least then you are doing your part to widen the gene pool.

I could rant for hours about Jewish elitism and how it’s destroying us from the inside out, but nobody really wants that. I could kvetch about how I wish Tova Weinberg was using her powerhouse talents to rid the world of hunger or actual dentistry.  But instead, I will leave you with this: I will not be satisfied until everyone in the world is the same color. I’m hoping it’s purple, but we’ll see what happens.


And here’s a video from Fiddler on the Roof because that musical is doooooope.




You wake up in the morning. You do your standard morning ritual (shit, shower, shave, smoke a bowl). You do whatever you do… I don’t know and don’t care. Then you head over to your closet. What will it be this morning? The flowy shirt and skirt you wear for your coffee shop gig? The comfortable sneakers and mom shorts for that tour guide job? The maid outfit for your hotel gig?

Not anymore. You push all those aside for that brand new trendy but conservative suit situation. It wasn’t thrifted. You bought it at Ann Taylor because your Grandma got you a gift card. A gift card for your new job that she’s so proud you finally got.

You know, that job in an office. The one where you get paid more then your other three jobs combined but you may have had to sell your soul to the devil. But you have health insurance! And a 401k! And other stuff grownups have! And so you continue your slow death march to the land of uncool. The land of the Young Jewish Professional (YJP).

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are 5 tips on how to still seem hip… even though you’re actually just a square who goes to bed at 10:00 every night and says things like “quota” and “synergy”.

1. Don’t take any athletic classes. No yoga. No pole-dancing classes. That stuff is for people who are trying to improve themselves. Don’t improve yourself. If you want to work out, walk to your closest bar and/or drug dealer’s house. Improving yourself is not cool.


Sheeple. Really flexible sheeple, but still sheeple.

2. Wear at least one thing a day that just a little too funky. Remind The Man that you will continue to wear your spiky earrings and/or that wrinkled skirt because you just don’t care, man.

spiky heels

 Nothing like a little skull to funkify your day.

3. Avoid happy hours at all costs. That’s where the rest of the YJP’s are. If they see you there they will smell you out and try to make you one of them. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing lipliner and talking about the pros and cons of investing in Israeli stocks.

Happy hour

You will not find your soul mate at McGillin’s. Stop trying.

4. Continue to be kind to service professionals. This one is very serious and important. Your server does not care that you were a waitress for 10 years at your uncle’s restaurant. She/he does not need a lecture on folding napkins or smiling appropriately. Just because you are no longer a service professional does not mean you can poop all over the people who still do it. I don’t care if your tomato soup has a hair in it just scoop it out for g-dsakes I assure you, you will not die.


Poor, sweet thing.  

5. Never give up. Never surrender! No matter how deep you find yourself going into that bougie world of Jewish professionalism do not submit. Fight with every fiber of your being to stay the way you once were. Remember, change is always bad. 


No offense, Big O, I still think you’re great.




Too many of ye out there are worried about your “freedom of speech” and your “right to bear arms” (like to eat? I just don’t get the obsession with bear arms, like WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THEM?) What you should really be concerned about is your right to whip your hair back and forth.

The Interwebbers have been all up on their high horses because there’s this monster rumor going around that Kim Jong-un is making the lads of North Korea rock the same Macklemore ‘do he currently flaunts… on his evenings out with Dennis Rodman.

Dear G-d. What is the world coming to?

Kim Jong-un Apparently a world where this hairstyle is accepted as attractive

Luckily, this whole thing is just a rumor loosely based in facts. And Kim Jong-un isn’t besties with Obama (yet) so it’s not likely we will all have to shave our heads and dye them salt and pepper in solidarity with our Commander-in-Chief.  Unless we really want too. Because that’s our right as Americans, DAMNIT!.

It turns out, long hair for men is frowned upon by the North Korean government because it “stifles intellectual development” and “consumes a great deal of nutrition” . In the past there have a regulated 28 hairstyles (14 for men, 14 for women) that residents are obligated to have.

I almost wish our society was as great as that of Admirable and Powerful North Korea. Since they have time to coordinate everybody’s hair they must have sorted out issues like hunger and homelessness. Great job,  Brave and Benevolent Leader, Kim Jong-un!



I really miss the simpler times. You know those days when you got to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy during class because your teacher forgot her morning whiskey in the coffee? Bill Nye was a god. A science god. A Bill Nye the Science God.

Now the only time I get to see Bill on the telly is when he argues with Creationists about whether or not humans used dinosaurs as taxis or other such endeavors.  While this is still simple (though in a different way), it is not the kind of simple I can or want to compute.

Recently in this vein, Bill had the pleasure of debating climate change on Meet the Press with Republican Congresswoman and vice-chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Marsha Blackburn.  I had the not so pleasure of watching it.

Bill Nye VS. Marsha Blackburn

I’ll just give you the basics in a cute little true or false situation. Blackburn made the arguments:

  1. There is no scientific consensus on climate change- False
  2. You can’t make laws when you’re basing them on unproven sciences- Ehhhhhhhh (see above actual consensus)
  3. All potential solutions to the climate problem must undergo short-term cost-benefit analysis – False (Bitch, have you SEEN The Day After Tomorrow? THERE IS NO TIME!)
  4. Continuing to use carbon is the way to go. – False (Do you think it’s comfy living in the pockets of energy companies? It seems like it would be).
  5. Bill Nye is not a climate scientist. True (but he does know how to read)
  6. The amount of carbon in the atmosphere is very slight. – False (Nothing says slight like a 25% increase)

Instead of listing Bill’s arguments, because I sort of just did… lemme give you some badazzzzz quotes from the Science Guy,

“As a guy who grew up in the US, I want the US to lead the world in this….The more we mess around with this denial, the less we’re going to get done.”

“So the fewer very dirty coal-fired power plants we have, the better. The less energy we waste, the better. The less inefficient our transportation systems are, the better. The more reliable our electricity transmission systems are, the better.”

( and my personal favorite directed right at Ms.Blackburn) “You are our leader, We need you to change things, not deny what’s happening.”

In the event of the end of the world due to this climate change situation, I’m building an ark. Let me know if you want in.


I’m sorry for the Upworthyish title. I knew it was the only way to get your attention.

When you were a wee lass or lad what were your expectations in a future spouse?  I’m pretty sure mine mostly involved having the person look vaguely like Usher, have a reasonable I.Q, and of course that innate YJF siren call I fail try to supress: that of the nice Jewish Boy. But I can’t remember because I have killed far too many brain cells.

Jolly Ole St. Valentine is on his way and you know what that means: gratuitous amounts of candy this year and watching a solo double feature of He’s Just That Into You followed by He’s Just Not That Into You.  But maybe this year it’s also time for a little reflection…

Recently, American youngsters Blaire (6) and Brooke (9) made a list of rules for their future boyfriends. Take a gander. Maybe you can think about whether or not their expectations match yours. Or if your potential significant other matches up. No matter what over-analytical mind game you (a completely neurotic little weirdo) play with yourself, it’s a real treat.

 30 Rules for Boyfriends

There’s just something about things written in marker. You know?

Thanks to milady @LaurenOutLoudd for the tip.



Don’t even read this. Call any Florida-dweller whose ever pinched you at a bar mitzvah and tell them you appreciate their wisdom. Then read this.

My roommate’s uncle, Mark Effron, wrote an article for The New York Times about his father, Irving Effron, a 91-year-old with dimentia. It’s incredibly well-written and will bring, at the very least, two tears to your eyes.

This past year, my grandfather on the Jewish side of my family died following a horrible struggle with Alzheimer’s. Reading about the family of someone so close to me (Chloe and I have shared the same toilet for a WHOLE YEAR)  and realizing their struggles are similar to those of my family was super cathartic.

 Harry Lipsitz and Isabel Lizmi

Shoutout to Grandpa Harry and my beautiful niece Isabel

It’s cool how families can be so different but similar. And we all go through struggles. And sometimes the only thing that’s important is the people in your life who you have “nachas” for. Or those who have “nachas” for you. Even those bringers-of-nachas you forget about sometimes.

I need to try to make nachos now. #SnowDayMunchies

Chiggity-check this article. For the feels. Because you deserve them.

**Thanks to Daniel Lizmi for the photo!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Heebsters and Sheebsters, your favorite Jewish holiday is upon us!

Tu B’shevat! What is Tu B’shevat, our more goyish readers may wonder? Think of Rosh HaShanah, but for trees. Or Israeli Arbor Day. Or at my house, whatever day of the year my lovely shiksa mother would wake the family bright and early to pull weeds on the farm.

tu bishvat cartoon

But let’s be real, this is just another Jewish holiday you can use in your constant quest to skip out on work. Good job, using your religion to your advantage as your forefathers did before you! This Tu B’shevat, as you sit on your couch smoking tree in celebration of the trees, consider watching these **tree-related movies.

What else are you going to do? Plant a tree in the Holy Land? Please.

 1. The Happening: (Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel)

The best way to commemorate the Earth is to remind ourselves that if we keep messing with Her she and all her plant friends are going to give off a noxious gas and kill us all. This movie is also shot partially in Philadelphia. Which I’m told is the best city in the world for filmmaking because of the amazing local crew opportunities you can find as well as the tax credit incentives. Thanks M. Night!

2. The Two Towers: (Frodo Baggins, Gandalf, various ensemble cast)

This movie is admittedly very long. But there are talking trees. And New Zealand is really beautiful. So why the hell not?

3. The FernGully Trilogy:

 Not familiar with the FernGully trilogy?  It all started with FernGully in 1992. In FernGully (Pochahantas/Avatar), Zak (John Smith/Jake Sully), a free thinker involved with an evil logging company (Virgina Company, Earth Soldier dudes), meets his indigenous fairy soulmate: Crysta (Pochahantas/Neytiri). With the help of his animal sidekick Robin Williams the bat, Zak wins over Crysta’s tribe of tree fairies (Native American/Na’vi). You can watch all of them or just one. You might even consider watching them all at once on three different screens.

4. Tree of Life: (Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Jessica Chastain)

I still don’t really understand what happened in this film. Not that I watched it. Or that I ever will. But then again, I might someday. I like Brad Pitt a whole lot. Who doesn’t? Come at me Tyler Durden, amiright?

5. Evil Dead (Bruce Campbell)

In this 1981 Sam Raimi classic, a chick gets RAPED by a TREE. It is horrible and hilarious and icky all at once. Not to slut shame, but that’ll teach her to ever read ancient creepy texts out loud. It’s called the Book of the Dead, come on, people. But rape is never OK. Especially if trees are doing it.

Bonus Short: (The Giving Tree)

An actual animated narration of The Giving Tree  is all up on The Youtubes. For those of you who didn’t have proper childhoods, The Giving Tree is the beautiful story of a tree that gave everything she had for the little boy she loved as he grew into a man. For such a small tree she sure had a lot of wood.

**films may not be on Netflix. G-d help us all.

Well, SNL is doing it (right?). At least they’re doing. We can’t all be winners.

It’s Jew month starting with Drake on January 18th and Jonah Hill on January 25th. That’s two Jews for the price of one, if you will. But also really for the price of two. Because there’s two shows. So there really isn’t much of a deal here but it should still be pretty exciting for all involved.

I am so excited for SNL to take a stab at Audrey Graham’s performance on Degrassi. Poor wheelchair Jimmy, never going to be the basketball star you once dreamed.  But don’t worry, you still have the love of your teenage fiancé Trina.

Degrassi Drake

Drake and Jonah Hill. Jonah Hill and Drake. It’s going to be an adorable month.

Meanwhile, SNL also added Sasheer Zamata, their first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph. Good job, SNL. Hit all your bases. Jews, women, black people. Your open-mindedness will surely get you a lot of viewership. I look forward to the performances of Sasheer, Drake, and Jonah. But let’s be honest, mostly Drake.

And live from Hipster Jew, it’s Wednesday around midday, and I’m sitting at home watching Buffy. OK, not even Buffy. I’m watching Angel because that’s the kind of day it is.

That’s it. It is too fucking cold.

What the hell is wrong with this place?

Go Home Arctic

“It’s basically the jet stream on a drunken path going around the Northern Hemisphere,” proclaims Jennifer Francis, a smart person from Rutgers University (something called a scientist? I’m still looking into it.) in an interview with Mother Jones.

Yep. Humans have been taking trash dumps all over the Earth for years and now She’s taken to drinking. The Earth is a woman. I  think we can all agree on that.

There’s a whole scientific thing about how the Arctic is heating up and how that leads to erratic jet stream behavior, but I really can’t/don’t understand it. So we’re just going to skip that little meteorology lesson. You can read all about it here. Or just read the first line of every paragraph like I did.

Knowledge is power.