Attention: Your Dream Husband Has Been Taken off the Market. Repeat. Your Dream Husband Has Been Taken Off the Market

Schlitz Lipz —  02/26/2013 —  Comments

Well, that’s it. Bring on the chinese food, and a visit from Ben and Jerry. A-Samberg has gone and done got pre-hitched. I’ve acquired  my sack cloth, my ashes and am ready to do it Mordechai style.  I mean like, not “do it”like the sex. Like mourning. Though some do get pleasure from being sad and disappointed but probably not the sexual kind. I mean I don’t know. Loss of Samberg is making me rambley. Also coffee and lack of anything actually interesting to write.

don’t know who this Joanna Newsom is, but I’m not impressed. Even though she has been pushing to play the harp since she was 5. And even though she went on a spirit animal quest as a teenager and makes fun of herself for it in a self-deprecating way. And freaking  even though she did some vocals in the theme song of The Muppets. Thanks Wikipedia.

Who am I kidding? She’s adorable. Sickeningly so. I can’t handle it.

Joanna Newsom

Stop smiling you precious minxy nymphlet

Well you know what they say, if you love someone, you must write obsessive love poetry until they change their mind and never, ever give up or let it go.

Schlitz Lipz


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