Anti-Semite Alert: Andy Dick

Chicky —  08/18/2011 —  Comments

Let us add, for the final time, Andy Dick to our list of anti-Semites. His constant Jew-hating has given him near Mel-Gibson status in our Hallowed Halls of Anti-Semitism.

Andy Dick, no stranger to stirring controversy and alienating large groups of people, called shock jock Howard Stern a “shallow, money-grubbing Jew,” Tuesday.

The comedian fired against Stern on the “Greg Fitzsimmons Show,” calling the radio host a “big fat hook nose,” and “miserly.”

Dick claims he still hasn’t been paid for “The S*** Show,” a program he has hosted for several years on Stern’s Sirius Radio channel, Howard 101, starting in 2006. “For two years I did the show and never got paid,” the comedian complained.

Stern shot back after a caller informed him of Dick’s rant, saying that Dick’s career has been dotted with anti-Semitism.

“Andy’s run out of friends,” Stern added. “You’re not getting paid a dime because your show sucks, a**-wipe … Stop blaming the world for your problems. Make yourself valuable, stop looking for the handouts waiting for the Jew to give a job.” (Reuters)

It’s as if Andy Dick wants to alienate as many cultures as possible. I’m pretty sure The Jews hadn’t totally hated on him yet. Some us MUST have felt pity. Somewhere. I think. But there goes his good will.

Fuck you Andy Dick.



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  1. Alef Bet says:

    Who is this guy anyhow? Oh wasn’t he around about a decade ago?

  2. Adolph Fuch says:

    only 6 million ??? Brother Adolph failed miserably !!!!

  3. rofl contravery for money grubbing jews says:

    You do know that Andy Dick…. IS A JEW!!!

    1. Chicky says:

      “Dick was born Andrew Roane Dick in Charleston, South Carolina, on December 21, 1965, and he was adopted at birth by Allen and Sue Dick. He was brought up Presbyterian,”

      Wikipedia, and facts, would disagree.